The Black Edition Club is the first to attend two simultaneous events in the UAE

The Black Edition Club is the first to attend two simultaneous events in the UAE

By carolc

2021 begins in style for the Black Edition Club. The club created by Yuliana Grasman (Afra), the UAE 4×4 drifting champion, has become the first club to simultaneously attend two motorsports events in the UAE.

The Black Edition Club in two events on the same day

Black Edition Club had already scheduled attendance at the Al Zorah Cars Show in Ajman. Participation in this event had been agreed with the Emirates Cars Association (ECA).

Since the first day of the year, the members of the club had been working on preparations to attend the city of Ajman, a beautiful city located on the seafront.


Al Zorah Cars Show


However, the club suddenly receives an invitation to attend the Dubai Carnival. An event that would be held with AG Automobile Service in Mamzar, the same day as the Al Zorah Cars Show in Ajman.

A new challenge for the club

Even though this was the first time that the Black Edition Club faced a situation like this, they decided to put their best effort to fulfill both events.

The same club, two events, two different cities and the same date. This was the challenge to tackle. Once they obtained the details of both shows, they began to form the two delegations that would represent the club in different cities.

The teamwork of the members of the Black Edition Club, led them to become the first club to attend two events on the same day, in all UAE.

A surprise at the Dubai Carnival

The representatives of the Black Edition in Dubai were surprised by a proposal from another of the participating clubs. The UAE LS club proposed to showcase their black cars alongside the Black Edition fleet of vehicles.


LS Club


This opportunity for collaboration and teamwork between two car clubs became one of the main attractions of the event. On the one hand, it is the first time that two clubs in the UAE have come together in a show. And on the other hand, the exhibition of all black cars in one space, attracted the attention of both visitors and participants of the Dubai Carnival.

This collaboration agreement is likely to become commonplace from now on. At the moment the Black Edition and the UAE LS will continue to collaborate with each other in the next shows. In this way, all black cars belonging to the UAE LS will be exhibited with the Black Edition Club vehicles.

Technology as a communication bridge

Being this a unique occasion for the club and for the world of automobiles in UAE, Yuliana Grasman together with the members of the Black Edition Club who attended the events, wanted to share the moment with all the members who are around the world.

Using Zoom, they established a live video conference between the two events so that all club members could in some way accompany them regardless of the distance.


Zoom video conference


The video conference was attended by members from various countries, who had the opportunity to view the live broadcasts of the Al Zorah Cars Show – Ajman and the Carnival – Dubai.

Once again technology is present to create unique and unprecedented moments. In this way, the members of the Black Edition Club could enjoy the unique experience of participating in two events on the same day.

The Black Edition Club continues to expand

Thanks to the nature of the club, its initiatives, organization and new alliances, the club created for car lovers continues to grow.

After its unprecedented participation in two events simultaneously, its ranks of members expanded. Undoubtedly the initiatives that this club presents are attractive, as well as its benefits.


Carnival Dubai


They define themselves more as a family than as a club, and this is what its members express.

In conversation with Yuliana Grasman, the founder of the club, she expressed her gratitude to the organizers of the events for taking them into account. And especially to all the members of the club, who have made it possible for this association to grow and continue its development and strengthening in the automotive world.

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