Find Out How to Create a Social Media Calendar

Find Out How to Create a Social Media Calendar

By camilaforero

Having the content that is going to be uploaded to the social networks of your business is very important, because you can have an excellent marketing strategy that works for you to continue growing. Although on many occasions planning the content is forgotten, however, you can dedicate a few hours at the beginning of the month to organize the content of the month on your social networks, and you will also be able to increase your social presence.

What is a social media calendar?

To begin with, we can see that making a social media calendar can help you know what type of content you are going to start uploading on your social networks, for example, if it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other important date, it is a great option to not post things without a general sense. In addition, with a calendar you can start a strategic approach to have more presence on social networks.

How to create a social media calendar

Next we will see some steps so that you can make your social media calendar, actually if you organize everything correctly it is something quite simple and you can start to grow and promote your brand and business on social media.

Audit your social channels and content:

You can start by doing an audit and analysis of your social networks so that you can understand where you currently stand on the networks, plus you can also know what types of content are most popular with your audience and start implementing them more in your social networks.

Set long- and short-term goals:

Posts on social networks are trial and error, from which you can always learn something, plus you can also have objectives to measure the progress and success of your company in networks.

There are a few goals you can review to include in each of your posts:

  • Drive brand awareness: you can review this with each interaction that your followers have with your posts.
  • Create demand for your products: reviewing comments, clicks and shopping carts you can discover the products that are most in demand.
  • Acquire leads and customers: are those customers who contribute monetarily.
  • Form partnerships: you can partner with like-minded or influential brands.
  • Build a loyal following: depends on the number of followers and their participation with your posts.
  • Establish social proof: testimonials help to establish proof of your products or services.
  • Provide customer service: with this point the idea is to give support to customers.
  • Become a thought leader to your target audience: This depends on interactions, views on posts, and audience tracking.

Decide on content posts and categories for each channel:

Each social network is different, it handles different publications and audiences as well, therefore you must identify well what type of publications to make on each social network. For example, if you make unboxing videos or tutorials for your products, you can use TikTok or YouTube, being TikTok for shorter videos and YouTube for tutorial videos on how to use the products. In your calendar you can include what kind of posts to make on each social network.

Create your social media content calendar using a template:

You can have calendar templates to share with your social media team, and where you can organize everything in the most coherent way to make work easier.

Fill in your calendar with content ideas:

You can divide the ideas of posts in your calendar in two ways: timely and perennial, the timely ones have to do with events, holidays and other temporary occurrences, and the perennial ones, are when there is a product with a purpose for a specific moment, or that can be used in a certain time, and also other products that can be released at any time. Once you decide which of the posts to make, you’ll put them on your calendar.

Create and schedule your posts across all your social media platforms:

You can use the same content on different social networks, however, they will always have to be adjusted, since there are platforms that use different formats for posts. You should schedule the posts you will make on your networks in advance, there are even social media channels that have post scheduling features or you can use other social media scheduling tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, or Later.

Why use a social media calendar?

A social media calendar not only helps you in the strategies and benefits part, but also helps you optimize your time and stay authentic with your brand at all times.

Social media calendars save time:

Having everything planned in advance is an excellent way to save time, plus you can organize everything so that it turns out in the best way and start gaining position and growing in your social networks.

Social media calendars build an identity for your brand:

By starting to consistently post content, your audience can grow and you can find more customers for your business. In addition, having everything planned with a calendar, you can have your content ready to publish in advance.

Free social media calendar templates

You can start by making your own calendar, however there are also some platforms that give you the option to do it for free, such as Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Asana.

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