Free Google Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Free Google Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs

By dayannastefanny

Google Chrome extensions provide help to improve productivity in various areas, boosting performance to achieve results, these extensions allow for browser customization that makes the workday easier on different levels and can help improve the routine to a great extent. The extensions shown below are all available for installation on the Google Chrome browser for entrepreneurs available on Google Chrome:

Free Google Chrome Extensions


This is an extension for Google Chrome oriented to those who work in customer service and sales. This application allows easy screen sharing, without the need for downloads or installations, making some explanations more efficient, since the customer can directly observe your products, reports, or whatever you want to show him.

This helps to organize the daily work when there are regular meetings with different members of the working group. It is not easy to compare the configuration of many appointments in the calendar, but thanks to this add-on, you can consult your Google calendar and choose the time that works best for each event. Attendees simply tap an email to accept the schedule or comment at some point, and that’s it.

Clearbit Connect

This add-on allows you to receive emails from a person or position within an organization and also allows you to verify basic contact information using Gmail. This is very important for email search engines and is very desirable for entrepreneurs who need a lot of contacts to keep their business going.

Although there is a monthly limit of emails that can be viewed, this is the perfect add-on for viewing detailed, accurate, and up-to-date information on any individual by name or status.


Using social media for SMBs is a simple and inexpensive way to get the word out about your products and services and connect with customers (current and potential). However, it is well known that social networks can also be a distraction. Therefore, this Google Chrome extension helps you to limit the time you spend on them, being the same user as the one who sets the limits.

Session Buddy

In SMB work, it is common to have to repeatedly use the same websites. Bookmarks, favorite pages, and continuously open tabs are the tools that Google Chrome allows by default. However, using Session Buddy it is possible to organize and manage all these websites well: organize them by theme, manage the tabs opened and closed in each session, etc.


This Google Chrome extension is perfect for people who keep their browsers open all day long. Opening multiple tabs slow down the computer and make the user feel dizzy but using OneTab allows you to collapse all tabs into a table format that speeds up the computer and allows you to restart. One-click hides all open tabs, and another restores them, which helps reduce memory usage by 95%.


This extension is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions for any entrepreneur or small business, and Buffer allows you to schedule publications on social networks on the fly by choosing the time you need the publication to appear on the company’s profile. You just must leave the publications scheduled and Buffer does its job.

It is also something that can be used on different social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, so it is perfect for keeping all company profiles updated. Publications can include text and images as if they were manual publications. In short, a perfect tool to start the social media strategy of any entrepreneurial project.


When we feel moments of weakness in which we are not focused or in which we are more inclined to waste time surfing the net and not working when Momentum acts. Momentum is a tab that only displays things that help users’ productivity, such as the time, tasks to be done, and even the goal you have set for a particular day.

This helps to avoid wasting time and to concentrate on what is important: work. It even prevents your favorite links from appearing in the new tab you open so that you are not tempted to get distracted by them. It has updated images and quotes and is certainly something that every entrepreneur who does not want to lose the course of their project needs for their day-to-day.


What an entrepreneur cannot afford under any circumstances is to commit spelling mistakes that damage his image and his business. For this reason, there is an extension for Google Chrome that works as a spell checker for everything written in the browser in English.

Grammarly constantly checks the grammar and spelling of emails or tweets that are written. It works as a professional spell checker that avoids misspelled words, grammatical errors, or any other wrong aspect of English writing. It is also very reliable and much more accurate than Microsoft Word’s spell checker. The most interesting part is that it not only corrects but also teaches grammar when a mistake is made. A necessary extension for any entrepreneur.

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