New Google Chrome sidebar tricks to improve your Googling Skills

New Google Chrome sidebar tricks to improve your Googling Skills

By Valentina Tuta

It recently became known that Google Chrome earned the title of “the most vulnerable web browser of 2022.” But this does not mean that Google’s development team has stopped implementing useful new changes. In fact, it has recently introduced certain new features for the browser, among which its sidebar stands out, and here we will tell you a bit about them.

How does it work?

You see, previously, the only way to save a page for later was to bookmark it by clicking on the star icon and adding it to the bookmarks bar. 

However, this quickly filled up the horizontal space in the bookmarks tab, and the browser hid the items it could not display in the bar behind an arrow-shaped button.

Therefore, after a thorough analysis, Chrome realized that bookmark bars were not useful if you wanted to save a page for later and then discard it, and its developers came up with the ingenious idea of reading lists, which after several modifications would become a separate section of the sidebar, functioning both for storing “save for later” pages and bookmarks.

Google Chrome sidebar: a neat way to store bookmarks and web pages

This new tool solves the problem of accessing bookmarks by opening a new tab and then opening a saved bookmark; until now, there was no shortcut to open them directly

So for avid internet users, who always have something useful that they constantly want to check, the sidebar panel has become an excellent location for their most frequent web pages

Likewise, it does not spoil your web browsing experience and opens on the right side, but how do you use it? It’s easy. Simply choose a web page from the reading lists or access your bookmarks using the section of the same name intended for that purpose.

Additionally, the sidebar designed by Google Chrome also offers a checkbox function to mark the pages you have read. Previously, you only had the option to store your favorite sites in a single reading list, and as it got longer, it became very painful to find the pages you saved for later and never opened even once, right?

Well, now you can hover over an item in the reading list and click on the checkbox icon to mark the site as read, and you can even remove the entry from your list completely by clicking on the cross icon.

What do Internet users think?

Many users have commented on Google’s new initiative and have actually been very happy with the results, as Chrome’s new sidebar feature has solved the problem of stacking bookmarks on top of the tab. 

And if that wasn’t enough, all of this is hidden behind a small square icon next to the Chrome Extensions icon so that the user doesn’t feel that the tab they are browsing in feels heavy or “congested.” Finally, if you are not comfortable with the sidebar, you can disable it using Chrome’s flags. Therefore, we can deduce that the Google sidebar has been by far one of the best tools the company has introduced in recent years.

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