Google Fi privacy protections

Google Fi privacy protections

By camilaforero

Sometimes when you need to send emails for work, or even when your are buying things online for you or your family, there is a lot of personal information you need to share in order to complete those processes, and it is necessary that the information you are sharing, such as your card number, your address and other personal information, to be safe, protected and keep it private.

The teams from Google work every day to make all the products safe for you and to protect all your information, and that you can keep the control for your data, for that reason the phone plans for Google Fi come with privacy and security features at no extra cost, and also thanks to the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, let’s check an update that makes easier the protection of your personal data.

An Easier Online Protection

Pixel device:

If you are a Pixel user, you can have the data from your cellular network encrypted, this is automatically and private in order to keep your data safer while you are using your device, the option is now available with the Pixel 7 and the older models until Pixel 4, as long as they are executed using Android 12 or higher, in this case, you do not need to worry to add anything or follow an additional step to keep the content of your web browsing on the private Fi network, since this option is included by design.

Other devices:

Also, in case you want to get protection for your WiFi network connection you can activate the Fi Virtual Private Network (VPN), this option makes the connection of the data private and will encrypted them to all the networks, the smartphone you are using does not matter, it will work with all, and if you are using your cellular data or WiFi connection the data will be encrypted if the VPN is enable and will protect your personal information, the IP from your devices so no one can access your location, and also protect the attacks from unsecure browsers and networks. And in case you need to change your WiFi password you can check here for more information.

Data, calls and texts on Fi privacy and security

Using the Fi VPN for all phones is easier to access online pages privately, as voice calls between Android phones are already encrypted if you are using Fi, making calls private and secure. The same goes for text messages, using the Messages app and enabling the chat features keeps all the information you want to share private, as well as the files you send with other users.

The features are enabled by Protected Computing guaranteeing the privacy and security of your data in a set of technology tools, which transforms how, when and where data is processed, also making the experiences using Google devices safer and keeping all the data from users private.

Other ways to keep you and your family safe

No matter what plan or phone you choose, we always want you and your family to be protected, that’s why all Fi plans come with privacy and security features, which at no additional cost can fulfill functions such as detect calls from spam, and blocking them to keep you and your family safe. It also has other layered security features like a robust account recovery process and suspicious activity notifications, as well as the ability to block stranger contacts, and prevent your location and personal data from being exposed.

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