Google Play’s best apps of the year

Google Play’s best apps of the year

By Valentina Tuta

The winners of the Google Play Best of 2022 awards are here. In case you didn’t know, every year, the Google team recognizes the best apps and games on Google Play and the developers who bring them to life.

Certainly, apps, games and the way we use them are always changing and it’s getting more and more complicated to reach the audience

However, once again, like every year, developers have done it again, and so this year they have decided to add a new award for the best apps and games for Chromebooks to celebrate the great work of developers on one of the largest screens you can access on Google Play. Let’s get started!

Best App: Dream by WOMBO

AI-generated art went viral this year. With Dream by WOMBO, you can create a beautiful piece of art from just a quick text description.

Best for Fun: PetStar

This is an application that allows you to create funny music videos with your pet’s face, whether it is a dog or a cat. Download and share a viral music video of your pet singing and dancing to your favorite pop songs with your friends and family on TikTok, YouTube, and social networks. Get your pet talking and singing along to your favorite songs.

Honorable mentions: DanceFitMe, noteIt widget

Best for Personal Growth: Breathwrk

The app with which you can design a whole plan of breathing exercises. As you know, breathing is your body’s superpower, and although it may seem simple, it actually generates almost instantaneous changes in your body and mind. With Breathwork, you can do exercises to increase your concentration and productivity, reduce stress, stop an anxiety attack, improve your mood, and more.

Plus, you can fully customize your breathing experience by exploring different sounds and music from Grammy Award-winning artist DJ White Shadow. Get ready to feel the breathing patterns with advanced vibrations and choose from unique images.  Breathwrk combines several science-based breathing practices, including box breathing, pranayama, tummo, WHM, and more.

Honorable mentions: Duolingo ABC, Gym Log & Workouts, Ukulele by Yousician

Best Everyday Essentials: Plant Parent

Meet Plant Parent, the app that offers effective solutions for plant care. With Plant Parent, you’ll become an expert, and your plants will live happily ever after! It features smart care reminders, plant identification, and more amazing options to give your plants the care they deserve.

Honorable mentions: Book Morning Routine Waking Up, Daily Diary, Sleep Tracker

Best Hidden Gems: Recover Athletics

This app brings together the world’s top sports physicians and Olympic athletes to help athletes address aches and pains and prevent injuries. In 90 seconds, the app will customize a program for your body and your workout. These programs include strength, mobility, plyometric exercises, and other techniques to increase resistance to injury. 

This content is evidence-based, with exercises proven to reduce aches and pains and help prevent injuries. With this app, you can become a stronger, injury-proof athlete.

Honorable mentions: Linktree, Little Lunches, Wamble

Best Apps for Good: The STIGMA App

STIGMA is a mental health app with a mission to normalize conversations about mental health by creating safe spaces for people to talk about living with misunderstood conditions. Watch STIGMA stories from people sharing their lived experiences to see living proof that you are not alone. Or request or offer messages of hope via video, audio, or asynchronous text message.

Honorable mentions: Sleep Fruits, Zario

Best for Wear: Todoist

Trusted by over 30 million people and teams worldwide, Todoist is a simple yet powerful app for creating and managing to-do lists. Organize your work and your life, finally. The app has many task management features, and its user interface is nothing short of stellar.

Best for Tablets: Pocket

Use Pocket to capture the content that comes to you throughout the day and create your own space with only the topics that matter to you. First, save the latest stories, articles, news, sports content, and videos from any device, source, or app. Then, feed your mind with readings or audio or visual experiences designed to calm your eyes, free your hands, and encourage focus. You can download it to learn all the details it includes.

Best for Chromebooks (new category): BandLab

BandLab is the best free music creation and recording platform, with over 50 million users. It also allows you to create and share music, regardless of skill level or experience. Its multi-track studio is a music creator that allows you to record, edit, and mix. Create beats, add effects, and use loops and samples from our royalty-free sound packs from genres such as EDM, dubstep, garage, hip-hop, house, rock, rap, and more.

Moreover, there’s no limit to the amount of music you can create. With unlimited access and cloud storage on all devices, access the music on your phone from your browser. Create from anywhere.

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