The best gamer chairs to give as gifts

The best gamer chairs to give as gifts

By dayannastefanny

If you want to renew your seat to play for hours without punishing your body, do not hesitate: these gaming chairs are the best you can buy in 2022, for this, there are gaming chairs: ergonomic chairs specially designed to correct posture and keep it in a proper position so that your neck, back, and lower back are not loaded too much and that can give you problems over the years.

To help you choose the best gaming chair for you, we have compiled several offers in a list of the best gaming chairs you can buy in 2022 to give a new touch to your gaming setup.

Let’s start with the seat with the best value for money:

Nacon CH-300

chair for 109 euros from components. With this chair, you can play your favorite video games for hours and get a good rest for your back and lower back. And it is ergonomically designed to help you maintain a good posture for many hours in front of the console or computer.

Among its additions are adjustable height (of course), armrests, and adjustable lumbar and cervical pillows. It supports a weight of 110kg and has five wheels so you can easily move from one place to another.

Newkill Kitsune

For 149 euros on Amazon, you have this new kill Kitsune sports chair in different colors: blue, white, black, black, red, or green to avoid clashes with the LED lights of your gaming machine. This chair is designed to correct your posture and keep it in the correct position, so you do not hurt your neck or back.

To do this, it features an ergonomic design that adapts to the unique curves of your back, with soft padding for a good sitting position. It includes lumbar and trapezoidal cushions to prevent pressure on the back and neck muscles, as well as armrests and flexibility with 180º adjustable backrest.

Corsair T3

The Corsair T3 Rush gaming chair is available in a striking white and gray color and costs 284 euros on Amazon. According to its manufacturers, this chair combines a racing-inspired design and contoured comfort with soft, breathable fabric. It is accompanied by a padded neck pillow and a viscoelastic foam lumbar support to ensure comfort for hours.


For 239 euros on Amazon, you have this gaming chair MSI MAG CH120 I with an elegant design in black and silver colors, to make you feel like a king or queen while you spend hours on your games and streamings.

It is a highly professional quality chair, considered more like a padded throne. Its backrest can tilt up to 180º and has painted steel to prevent rust, as well as high-density foam to keep you comfortable during the longest sessions.

Secretlab OMEGA

Secretlab presents its gaming chair Omega series: Secretlab OMEGA, the best chair for athletes, costs 414 euros on the official website of the brand. It costs 440 euros, but they sell it to you at factory’s direct price. Everything has a price.

The seat is made of Prime 2.0 polyurethane leather, which is abrasion resistant and four times more resistant than a standard polyurethane shell. This was proven by a host of tests that the chair can pass, such as sweat, moisture, flex, and abrasion.

Razer Iskur

Few gamers don’t know the Razer name, and even fewer care about building a high-quality gaming machine in their living room. That’s why, with any setup, you can’t miss the Razer Iskur gaming chair, which will set you back €399 at MediaMarkt.

This chair has an ergonomic lumbar support system. This means that, unlike other chairs, the Razer Iskur lumbar cushions provide full back, adjustable support that adapts to your back to adjust and maintain the best position for your body.

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