Google Workspace adapts to new Android screens

Google Workspace adapts to new Android screens

By Valentina Tuta

Google Workspace adapts to new Android screens to provide users with a better experience by using those new devices with larger displays. You see, thanks to the latest Android updates (12L software), which allow manufacturers to make handsets with bigger screens, Google’s team has decided to renovate more than 20 of its apps on tablets to take full advantage of the extra space on them.

Starting by improving Google Workspace apps, such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep. Let’s take a look at the strategies the company has implemented to bring more comfort to the user.

  • Drag and drop files for better productivity

Are you tired of always having to open many windows to do your tasks when working from your tablet? Well, you can now multitask across two windows at once. With this tool, you won’t have to open them one by one as you will be able to easily drag text or images from apps, such as Chrome or Sheets, and drop that content right into an existing document or spreadsheet cell.

Likewise, in Drive, the characteristic desktop feature of pull-and-drop files is now available, so you can annex them quickly and also add links to Drive folders by dragging them into an open app like Keep, in which you can insert images saved in your notes into other apps in a similar way.

  • Open Drive side by side to see more information

Aiming to avoid losing the current view or hitting the back button multiple times, this option allows you to open two Drive windows side-by-side so that you can get a better insight into your files. A perfect tool when you want to drill down into folders to see what you need. To do so, just select the three-dot menu on any Drive file and select the “Open in new window” option.

  • Save time by using keyboard shortcuts 

As an alternative to laptops, many people connect attached keyboards to their tablets to make typing easier. For that reason, Google has enabled some simple and familiar keyboard shortcuts such as select, cut. copy, paste, undo, and redo for you to quickly navigate around Drive, Docs, and even Slides. Thus, the next time you make a mistake while you are typing, you will be able to use these features without needing to slow down and take your hands off the keys.

Remember that you can enjoy these new releases in the upcoming weeks, and we recommend you stay tuned because Google’s team has stated they are going to continue adding new features for Google apps on Android’s larger screen devices.

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