Here’s Some Advice for Increasing your Android Phone Battery Life

Here’s Some Advice for Increasing your Android Phone Battery Life

By Alex Balaniuc

Smartphones have become an essential part of many people’s lives. It’s very likely that you know someone – a friend, your sibling, or a coworker – that just can’t make it through the day without taking their phone out of the pocket to check their notifications every minute. But that person could be you, as well. It’s well known by now that phones are addictive, or, to be more specific, the apps on our phones are. When it comes to “intoxicating” apps, the biggest offenders are none other than social media platforms. An overwhelming part of the global population has created at least one account on whatever social networking platform. We’re talking billions of people who feel the need to go on their favorite app and scroll through their homepage daily; a research conducted in 2020 about mobile phone usage showed that, only in America, people tend to check their phones about 160 times in a day!



Now, we could say that the reason why phone battery life runs out so quickly for many people is because we use our phones extensively throughout the day. Every little action we perform with our device will cost it a certain amount of battery: even a small thing such as turning on the phone’s screen for a couple of seconds to check our notifications. So, how can we improve phone battery durability? Can we save a good amount of battery power at the end of the day while not being at home? Let’s take a look at Google’s tips for increasing phone battery life for Android to find out!

Quick hacks for preserving phone battery life

Of course, you already know that all phones are not created equal. Therefore, a certain phone’s charge might last longer than another phone’s. If your Android phone unfortunately doesn’t take too much time to run out of battery, you can follow these simple steps:

– reduce the brightness of your phone screen

– make the screen turn off sooner (ex: let it turn off after 1 minute, instead of 5)

– turn on battery optimization

– set the brightness to change automatically according to your surroundings

– turn off unnecessary features, like keyboard sounds or vibrations

restrict apps with high battery use

– close the apps you’re not using that are in execution in the background

Note: these settings depend on the type of Android phone you own. You may not find them on all devices.

If you’d like to know more about saving your phone’s battery life, here’s some other advice:

Be mindful of your phone’s battery:



– try to always use your own phone’s power adapter: other chargers could charge slowly (or not at all), but also damage your phone or battery

– don’t let your phone overheat, especially when the battery is fully charged. Your battery could become exhausted much quicker if you do, and this might damage it

– try not to charge your battery up to 100%, and don’t let it drain to 0%. Disconnect the power adapter from your phone before reaching 100%, and recharge the phone before it shuts down completely due to low battery level

Keep phone battery life from running out

If you have no means of recharging your phone – because maybe you’re away from home – and the battery is giving up on you, take a look at these tips:

– avoid actions that keep your phone screen turned on for long periods of time, like watching videos or playing video-games/using apps that need a lot of power to process

– turn off your phone’s Internet connection as much as you can

– if you need Internet connection at all times, try using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data

– turn off your phone’s bluetooth connection


That’s it: we hope that these hacks will help you!


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