How Much Do Paramount Plus Plans Cost?

How Much Do Paramount Plus Plans Cost?

By Valentina Tuta

Paramount Plus is one of the newest streaming platforms, but although it was founded in 2021, the project has successfully sky-rocketed its fame. Moreover, dspite facing so many obstacles, the rising behemoth overcame them. Moreover, the giant believes in “Quantity over Quality.”

Following their motto, they have given us promising titles like Beavis and Butt-Head, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Texas 6, etc. However, this is not the real center of attraction, it is actually their cost-efficient subscription plans. 

As you see, Paramount provides two different plans for its users. You probably know about them, but do you know which one to choose? Today we’ll be discussing the cost and other perks of both plans so that you can select the perfect plan to spend this holiday season accompanied by the best shows and movies.

Paramount Plus Plans

1. Essential Plan

In this era, where every streaming service provides its content with advertisements, Paramount has chosen the same path. That’s why they are offering the “Essential Plan” just for $4.99 per month. 

This plan will give access to tens of thousands of films and shows, NFL on CBS Champion leagues, etc. Nonetheless, as we mentioned above, you will have some limited ads between your shows but it’s not something you need to worry about, as they are very short.

The Essential Plan is likely the most affordable plan available nowadays in the market and suits all customers, from students to adults. Likewise, if you’re a student, you’ll be happy to know that Paramount has a special 15% discount for you.

2. Premium Plan

Just like its name, this plan will allow you all the first-class features, including downloading movies and shows just for $9.99 per month. And well. here the difference is that you will have access to fascinating titles too without any ads in between. Furthermore, you’ll also get 24/7 local and national news, live NFL matches, and, lastly, it allows you to download and watch the titles offline.

Does an expensive plan really provide a better experience?

Well, in terms of money, we all want to invest our funds profitably, right? So, while Paramount’s premium plan offers all the benefits without the ads, it still doesn’t remove the ads from the live shows, which decreases the real purpose of an ad-free subscription.

Although if you’re a user who can handle some interruptions, we recommend the Essential Plan. On the contrary, if you’re not patient enough for waiting (c’mon, not everybody has the patience to watch the whole ad in between our favourite shows it interrupts interest), the best service for you undoubtedly is the Premium.

Can you get Paramount Plus Plans for free?

Okay, you would normally require a paid Paramount+ membership to have access to all these intriguing titles for free. Nevertheless, for American viewers we have other workarounds that they can try to watch their favorite shows.

  1. Free 7-day trial
  2. Free Trial availed from Amazon Prime
  3. Free with T-Mobile and Sprint plans.

That’s all, we hope you now have a better idea about all the services provided by the new OTT giant and this streaming guide can help you to choose the plan that meets all your needs.


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