How to add a loyalty card to Google Wallet

How to add a loyalty card to Google Wallet

By auroraoddi

At the beginning we used Google Pay, an online wallet system developed by Google. During the course of 2022, Google released Google Wallet for all users. This new app replaces Google Pay by supplementing it with several functions. The main purpose of this update is to modernise the user interface and simplify its use. As we can read in the app’s official guide, Google Wallet can now accommodate cards, passes, tickets, keys and IDs. It also includes payment cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, event tickets, boarding passes, tickets and passes for public and private transport services, medical certificates and virtual car keys. All this while retaining the previous Google Pay functionality. This new app uses a simple and user-friendly interface, available for download on the Google Play Store.

Adding a card to Google Wallet

This guide by Syrus will explain how to add a loyalty card to Google Wallet, start by downloading the app from the Play Store on your smartphone if you haven’t already done so. Open the app and tap on Add to Wallet, now on Loyalty Card. Find, or search for if not present, the name of the merchant or loyalty programme and tap on it. Beware though, if you cannot find the name of the merchant or loyalty programme, it means that the latter is not supported. You may also be able to scan an existing card, register a new account or find an existing one, just follow the instructions on the screen.

Adding a loyalty card with Gmail

If you have activated the Smart Features and Personalisation in other Google products, Wallet automatically adds loyalty cards to your Gmail inbox. Now open the Gmail app on your smartphone, tap on the three horizontal lines representing the Menu, go to Settings and the account you want to edit. At this point, to activate data sharing, you need to activate the option Smart features and personalisation in other Google products in the General section.

How to use a loyalty programme

This is very easy to do, also keep in mind that some loyalty programmes allow you to use the loyalty card by touching the phone and the terminal. To use it, open the Google Wallet app and tap on the loyalty card you wish to use, it may not be among the first ones if you have several so you need to scroll down to find it. At this point ask the cashier to scan the barcode if you have one or provide the cashier with the membership number.

How to remove a loyalty card

When you decide to remove a loyalty card from your Wallet for various reasons, Google gives you the opportunity to do so in a simple way that will not confuse you. Open the Google Wallet application, tap on the loyalty programme you want to remove. Now tap on the top right, select the three dots and choose the option Delete card.

If, instead of a loyalty card, you want to add a gift card to your Google Wallet, please note that the steps are the same as for the loyalty card, to add it, to use it and to remove it.

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