Windows 11: make the taskbar transparent

Windows 11: make the taskbar transparent

By auroraoddi

With the Windows 11 update you may find your pc different than it was before. The new update makes things easier and faster for you. You have several new features including a universal search via the taskbar, voice recognition to explore Windows, and a voice assistant to read aloud text displayed on the screen. You are also free to configure to customize your pc, specifically you can customize the desktop theme, wallpapers, colors, text and more to create the perfect creative space you need to work at your best. Having this option, you decide to customize your pc and make the taskbar transparent but you don’t know how to do it. This Syrus guide will follow you step by step to help you accomplish this task.

How to make the taskbar transparent

As mentioned earlier Windows 11 has a redesigned taskbar compared to the past, minimal and uncluttered. Unfortunately, we must inform you that it is not possible to make the taskbar transparent in Windows settings. You can, however, download a program, TranslucentDB, available for free download from the Microsoft Store and fully compatible with Windows 11. Visit the TranslucentDB website, agree to open the store, and click on the Get/Install button. Complete logging in to your Microsoft account and wait for the application to finish downloading. Now click on the Continue button. At this point restart your PC, now go to the search area in the taskbar and search for the program you just downloaded, if the installation was successful, you can find the TranslucentTB icon. Now right-click on the icon, finally to make the taskbar transparent, select the Desktop then Clear items from the menu that has opened.

How to leave the taskbar transparent

In case you instead intend to make the bar transparent on all occasions, select the Clear option for each of the items available in the program menu. You can also activate the transparent bar at PC startup by clicking the Open at boot item.
As mentioned earlier, Windows does not give us the option of making the bar completely transparent, but from the system settings you can change its colors and opacity. To be able to do this, click on the Windows flag on the taskbar, click on Settings, click on Personalization, and select Colors. Within this screen you can activate the Transparency Effects button, which helps to decrease the opacity of the taskbar. In addition, you have the option to choose a custom color from those present, and apply it to the taskbar with the Show Main Color button on Start and Taskbar.

If, on the other hand, you would like to modify the bar further, right-click in an empty spot on it, then click on the Taskbar Settings item. In the menu that will open, you can choose at your leisure which elements to display inside it, or whether to hide it completely. In order to do this, click on Taskbar Behaviors, and select the Automatically hide the taskbar item to hide it when you don’t need it; if you want to make it reappear instead, simply move the pointer closer to the bottom.

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