Windows 11: how to move the taskbar to the left

Windows 11: how to move the taskbar to the left

By auroraoddi

Microsoft recently released the Windows 11 update, introducing some features to the operating system. One of these allows you to edit the taskbar, possibly choose to change its colour, add your favourite apps or move icons within it. Another of the things you can add is the ability to see the battery status and reduce open programmes to an icon if you need to check the desktop. This guide by Syrus shows you how to perform all these functions, find out how!

Adding an app to the taskbar

If you want quick access to an app that you use often but is not present in the taskbar, you can add it by simply opening the app in question. Once opened, you can view it in the taskbar, right-click on the app, now click on Add to taskbar. This can also be done in the search box on the taskbar. Click on the Magnifier, type in the name of the app you wish to add, right-click on the app icon. You can now add it to the taskbar or add it to start, or if you feel it is necessary, add it to both. You can decide to remove the app at any time by performing the same steps.

Edit the taskbar

The taskbar is not standard, but you can change it to your own preference via the settings. By right-clicking on an empty space in the taskbar itself, select settings. Here you can select the various options you decide on such as personalising, resizing, choosing icons and much more. The new update also allows you to change the colour of the taskbar, by clicking on settings, select personalisation then colours, then select main colour, here you can change the colour and choose what you like.

Move your taskbar to the left

The Windows 11 update changed the position of the taskbar, placing it in the centre. If you want to change it, right-click in an empty space in the taskbar, then select settings, click taskbar behaviour. Then select taskbar alignment and choose whether to leave it in the centre or move it to the left.

Suggested tips

One function we add to this guide is to change the order of applications on the taskbar, a very simple operation that you can perform at any time. Whenever you wish to change the order of applications, simply drag them into the bar and place them where you want them. When you need to receive alerts from the different applications you are using, Windows 11 gives us the option of having this feature set as the default, but if you want to make sure it’s on, here’s how to do it. Just go to the settings in the taskbar, select behaviour and click on Show badges in apps. This way, especially for the more distracted, you will receive alerts as reminders.

How to hide the taskbar

You also have the option of hiding the taskbar, a feature you can perform on both desktop and tablet. Just right-click on an empty space in the taskbar, go to settings, select taskbar behaviour and finally, automatically hide the taskbar.

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