How to Boost Your E-Commerce with a Pop-up Store

How to Boost Your E-Commerce with a Pop-up Store

By camilaforero

A virtual store is a great way to start a business, and if you already have e-commerce and would like to grow more, a pop-up store is a very good idea to get many more customers. One of the reasons why creating a pop-up store is a good idea is because customers can start to put a face to your brand and your business, since they only know you and your business virtually, know your business in a physical way, helps to create more satisfying experiences for customers.

Therefore, now we are going to see some of the benefits of a pop-up store, how it can help you further boost your business and, above all, what is a pop-up store, to understand the term more clearly.

What is a pop-up store exactly?

Basically, a pop-up store is a physical store that opens for a short time that helps promote an online retailer or e-commerce brand, and also helps to test the viability of opening a permanent store. However, it works very well as a promotion of your brand and e-commerce business. In case you want to check and create your online shop, you can check on PrestaShop.

The ideal in a pop-up store is that it attracts the attention of the public, and in reality it is much more attractive than a normal or already established store, because it gives the customer the option to see the physical products for a short time and also has many creative elements that you can use to have a better shopping experience.

This is a new experience for both the business and the customers, because now the customer can put a human face on a brand they have followed for a while, and this increases loyalty and trust with the business and the products. Also, keep in mind the term ‘flash retailing’, which is widely used today and describes what the pop-up store is. At the same time, you can launch limited promotions and offers, which further helps with the pop-up store and sales.

What are the benefits of a pop-up store?

Create an engaging experience for your customers:

In terms of marketing, a pop-up store is a great strategy, because not only are more sales created and the brand and business promoted, but also the owners can interact with their customers in a more personal way, therefore they can create relationships strong with their customers and that they have more loyalty and trust with the brand.

Gather face-to-face feedback:

Being face to face with your customers gives you the option to get to know them more and find out the opinions and suggestions they have about the products and the brand, this makes them have more communication and you can even have your customers fill out surveys to find out more about their opinions. 

Follow your audience:

Considering the sales you make online, you can review which places have the most sales, this can help you decide where to open your popup store for the best sales.

Conduct market research:

With market research when you make your pop-up store, you can know if it is a good idea to open a permanent physical store or if it is better to continue with your online store.

Also, throughout the year you can open different pop-up stores, to check in which places there is more sales traffic.

It can be cheaper than generating leads online:

Sometimes digital marketing can get expensive, and you don’t have tools or terms to help you get more customers, therefore a pop-up store can help you reach more customers and create new bonds with new people who can become regular customers.

Pop-up store ideas to help boost e-commerce

Let’s now look at five ideas that you can use for your pop-up store:

Virtual pop-ups:

With virtual reality (VR) rooms you can create online shopping and even augmented reality (AR) shopping, which allows your customers to interact from their homes, and to make it more interactive and easy, you can include various forms of payment or with Net 30 accounts.

Storefront pop-ups:

It has to do with when a virtual store or brand rents a physical store for a certain time, it can be weeks or months.

A Store within A Store (SWAS):

On many occasions, stores decide to open a temporary store in a well-known store, this helps to increase traffic.

Event pop-ups:

A virtual store can choose to put a temporary store at an event, it can be a festival, or a convention, this also helps a lot to promote the brand.

Mobile pop-ups: 

This idea can be compared to a food truck, you can make a pop-up store that goes from one place to another.

5 tips for creating a pop-up store

  • The first tip you can follow is that you must have a clear objective when you are going to create your pop-up store.
  • In order to find the right place to make your pop-up store, you must carry out extensive research.
  • Before and during the launch of the pop-up store, do a marketing campaign.
  • Customer feedback is important, so try to collect as much feedback as possible.
  • To get more attention in the pop-up store, try to have a unique product that is not available in your online store.

Is a pop-up store right for you?

The most important thing when making a pop-up store is to have a clear strategy, and also to know what results you want to obtain, and to have clear objectives. Since this type of sales in pop-up stores manage to reach more customers and your online store can benefit a lot from this marketing strategy.

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