How to do affiliate marketing

How to do affiliate marketing

By carolc

Affiliate Marketing is a powerful tool used by website owners to earn income. It is a very good option that allows them to sell advertising space and make additional profits.

How does affiliate marketing work?

The essence of affiliate marketing is very simple, the owner of a website subscribes to a program for a specific service or product, if it is accepted, he can use the marketing elements or links with a unique URL . When someone signs up for that service or product using that unique URL, the website owner gets a commission.

How to do affiliate marketing?

There are various tools that allow you to be part of or get started in this type of marketing. Below we will describe the 3 best programs to do affiliate marketing.

Commission Junction

Conversant changed the name of Commission Junction to CJ Affiliate. CJ Affiliate has numerous niches to choose from, making it easy to scan the list of niches and products to promote.

Like other affiliate programs, you must first create an account, and for this you need to have a website.

On the advertiser tab, you’ll see a list of potential merchants that you could work with. You can also analyze how much potential there is to earn from them with a categorization of what their responsibility will be.

You must send a request to the merchant. Once the chosen merchant approves your request, you should search for the links and generate traffic. All you have to do is continually discover new merchants and offers that match your niche and audience.

CJ Affiliate has a solid reputation, has many well-known merchants, improves your ability to grow and earn, and is a flexible promotional method.

Although becoming a CJ affiliate is tricky, it is still perfect for first timers.


Digistore24 is the largest affiliate network in Germany. In reality, they earn around a quarter of a trillion dollars a year on the German market alone. And they are expanding rapidly in the United States today.

They will accept people from anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is very advantageous to register for this program.

Digistore24 is similar to Clickbank in that it is primarily digital products. Mostly digital products under $ 100. But that’s a very good niche.

It is growing fast and has all kinds of different products that you can sell in this market.


It is a practical affiliate program that assists you get along with affiliate marketing. ClickBank is more than just a research tool.

You can open ClickBank and verify product information even without having an account.

This program quickly became one of the top retail sites in the industry. It emerged in 1998 and after opening, it has annual sales of approximately $ 3 billion.

With a wide variety of merchants and products, ClickBank is a perfect spot for affiliate beginners. It provides quick guides for you and a large database of resources. This will help you learn more about the program.

You are given the average commission per sale, a breakdown of the product niche and different links from merchant websites promoting the products you want.

ClickBank offers a higher commission amount compared to other affiliate programs.


Take advantage of all the facilities and advantages that affiliate marketing offers you, and make additional profits through your website. Study carefully the different options that we present to you, and select the one that best suits what you are looking for. Remember that the idea is to start producing your web space, in an appropriate way and according to your content and your target audience.