How to use the Dark Mode on Whatsapp

How to use the Dark Mode on Whatsapp

By carolc

Many of the most used apps and platforms on the internet are implementing the use of the Dark Mode. This popular tool is a feature that enables you to switch the theme color of an app or an operating system to black or to more-subtle shades of black and gray. Hence, reducing the light emitted by your device�s screen, but maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios.

Exposure to luminosity suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that helps you to sleep. That is why most of the modern cars dashboards are blue, this helps us to be alert indeed. Apart from this, bright lights can cause us vision problems if we keep exposed for many hours. Dark mode helps us to stare at the screen for a long time without getting our eyes exhausted.

In this article we are going to set the Dark Mode up on one of the most used apps by Android and iOS users: Whatsapp. Without any further ado. Here it is How to the Dark Mode on Whatsapp.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is basically the color scheme of any interface that displays a brighter text and other elements on the top of a darker background. On the other hand, Light Mode is the color scheme of an interface that displays a darker text on the top of a brighter background.

In the beginning, Dark Mode was not intended as a fix for these sort of screen problems. This was merely an aftermath of the technology of early beginnings of Personal Computing. During the early times of Personal Computing, monochrome CRT monitors with phosphorus were used, and generally, the phosphorus within made it look darker.

Light Mode appeared years later when the first graphical interface that utilized darker elements on the top of a white background.

From a few years to these days, this color scheme has been used as an option mostly to fix these visual issues that white background has. Also, for his sophisticated design and useful traits when you want to highlight elements on the screen.

How to set Dark Mode on Whatsapp for Android

  • Firstly, you have to open the app tapping on its icon on the home screen.
  • Once you are on Whatsapp, go to �settings� and tap on its icon.
  • Next step, tap on �chats�.
  • After you have done step three, then go to �theme�.
  • Final step, select �dark�.

And now you have enabled Dark Mode on Whatsapp for Android.

How to set Dark Mode on Whatsapp for iPhone

  • Firstly, open the �app menu�.
  • Next step, tap on �settings�.
  • Once you are on settings, tap on �chats�.
  • Tap on �theme�.
  • To finish, tap on �dark�.

And that�s how you switch the Whatsapp theme dark on iOS.

Why you should use Whatsapp Dark Mode

Anyone who has used their smartphone in a room with lit lights or even no lights can relate to feeling your vision being saturade by the blinding luminosity of the screen. However, it not only benefits your overall health, but also has various characteristics that better the smartphone experience.

Health Benefits

The majority of us use mobile devices throughout the entire day and night. Therefore, some people usually start suffering insomnia, feeling dry eyes and even headaches. Apart from suffering from eye pain and insomnia, studies have shown that the exposure to mobile screens� luminosity is the main cause of melatonin suppression, which has been related to obesity and some types of cancer.

Extends Battery Life

Dark Mode usage on your mobile phone longers the battery life of your smartphone. It has been shown that the usage of this modality on OLED Mobile Screen is an aid for smartphones� battery life. When you set Dark Mode on, at 50% of brightness you are saving 15% more of battery than using the flat white background; and at 100% of brightness with dark mode on, you are saving approximately 60% of your battery life.

Its Sophisticated Design

This color mode gives you an overall impression of sophistication, mystery, strength, formality and other appealing assets that evoke strong emotions, from a point of view of marketing. In fact, it looks incredibly cool and stylish. Additionally it offers great chances when displaying graphic content.

Other benefits

  • Dark mode is the best when it comes to readability
  • It is better for reducing eye conditions
  • When you use Dark Mode, the screen glare is reduced, therefore keeping down blue light.

Disadvantages of Dark Mode

One of the biggest problems is that dark text over a white background appears shaper to your eyes. Dark mode forces you to open your pupils more so that you can retain necessary information, this reduces general sharpness. On the other hand, light mode forces you to close your pupils more which improves sharpness

Halation is a problem that affects people who suffer from astigmatism and/or myopia. This makes white text apparently to wash and bleed onto the darker background and appear blurrer.

Thus, this modality is not optimal for some people if you are suffering from astigmatism , this could lead to more eye straining.

Despite all the available proofs and research, the usage of dark mode depends on each individual, it is more personal than a general recommendation. Independently of what scientific researches say that it would be good for you, if you feel more comfortable using dark mode, then you should use it. If you don�t feel so good or you feel that it doesn�t make your experience more comfortable, don�t worry. You are more of white background and darker text, which could be considerably a benefit.


Some people say it is better for them to work at night in a light-lit room with the dark mode on. Other people consider this not unappealing whatsoever and avoid it at all cost. It is about how comfortable it is for the user, the type of interface you are using and what sort of task you are going to do.