How To Get Rid of Mushrooms on Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Get Rid of Mushrooms on Disney Dreamlight Valley

By julianapardogonzalez

Every time we talk about video games, we always focus on an extremely specific niche, whether it is teenagers, adults, fans of a game saga, but we almost never talk about the little ones at home. So today we are going to talk about a Disney video game that could even be a good option to introduce children to this fantastic world

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley?  

It is a hybrid between a life simulation and adventure game, rated for everyone, which is based on various Disney universes, where it flees from the usual platforms and adventures of each of these titles. This time we have something more like the Sims or Animal Crossing, where you can find exploration, lots of quests and fun activities with new and old Disney and Pixar friends like Mickey Mouse or Merlin. 

How does this video game work? 

If you consider that there are many initial options, we have a quick guide that covers the first hours of gameplay in the initial zone, where you can learn all the basic mechanics that you will later have to use in the adventure. 

At the beginning of the game Disney Dreamlight Valley allows us to make friends with 17 characters from different Disney universes. By raising our level of friendship with them, we can get rewards by unlocking new furniture, clothes and leveling up our avatar. 

  • Getting money 

What you will use the money for the most is to improve your house and the houses in the village, so it is up to you to get enormous amounts quickly. 

  • Real Tools 

To carry out essential activities, we need tools. These are four artifacts that allow us to dig, dig, fish, plant and cultivate. 

  • Energy 

Knowing how to manage your energy is particularly important. You need it to chop, cultivate, harvest… so you will have to constantly recover it.  


Some Disney Dreamlight Valley landscapes have barriers that prevent you from accessing certain areas. And for that you need to clear the way. To do this, you need to complete quests for certain characters, such as the frustrating collection of mushroom lots that stand between you and the other side of the Glade of Trust. 

Read on! We will tell you how to clear the way across the bridges. 

Mushroom batches 

Before explaining how to eliminate these mushrooms, you need to know that there are two types of mushrooms in the game. Some smaller batches are scattered throughout the valley and others are larger, such as the ones blocking the passage of the two bridges in the Glade of Trust. To remove them, you will need to upgrade your watering can twice: once for the smaller batches of mushrooms and once for the larger ones.  

How to eliminate small mushroom patches? 

To remove these annoying mushrooms from the Glade of Trust and other places, you will need to level up your friendship level with Merlin. When you reach level 8, he will provide you with the quest “A Dark Experiment”. 

With this quest you are tasked with finding the following materials: 

  • 20 mushrooms 
  • 5 emeralds 
  • 3 purified night fragments 

One way to find the small mushrooms is by searching in the Glade of Trust, while emeralds can be mined from the same area. Finally, you will need to find and dig up the glowing spots in the valley to get sleep shards and night shards that you can combine at a crafting station to create purified night shards. 

When you have everything, Merlin needs, he will upgrade your watering can, so you can clean the small batches of mushrooms. If you eliminate them, you will receive more mushrooms to cook, but keep the ones you get for now, as you will need them to complete the next quest. 

How to get rid of the large batches of mushrooms? 

Although with the first upgrade you can eliminate the small batches of mushrooms, you will need Merlin to upgrade your watering can a second time to get rid of the larger batches. To do this, make the friendship reach level 10 and accept the mission “The final test”. 

For this mission, Merlin will ask you to make another 5 purified night fragments (which we learned with the previous mission). Take the purified fragments to Wall-E, who will turn them into purified night fragment dust. And to finish take it to Merlin and accept the next part of the quest. 

For that you will need the following materials and items: 

  • 25 mushrooms 
  • 1 Fallen Water 
  • 1 Ice Heart 

You already know that you can collect the white mushrooms in the Glade of Trust and, in the same landscape, just head to the place where the river flows along the edge of the world to find a glowing spot containing the Fallen Water. Finally, dig a hole somewhere and plant the Ice Tear Seed from your inventory in it, water the seedling and watch it grow into a harvestable plant to grant you the Ice Heart.  

Take all these items to Merlin, who will thank you by upgrading the watering can one last time, so you can clean the large batches of mushrooms. Once this is done, you can turn your valley into a mushroom-free zone. 

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