How to Have YouTube Remove Someone Else’s Video

How to Have YouTube Remove Someone Else’s Video

By Alex Balaniuc

YouTube is one of the Internet’s giants, and we can say that just by looking at the numbers it managed to hit in 2020: more than 2 billion people visited the video streaming platform last year, with billions of hours of videos watched every single day; almost 1/3 of the world signed into a YouTube account regularly in 2020. The reason why YouTube is so incredibly popular and is one of the biggest online services in the world is its impressive variety of content. On YouTube, there are videos fit for every interest, and many channels manage to create very large fan-communities. With approximately 30.000 hours of content uploaded every hour, the choice regarding videos to watch is truly never-ending.

Can you take down another channel’s video?

Of course, among all of this content being put out on the platform, there can be instances of not very appropriate videos. Videos can be deemed offensive, inappropriate, hate-mongering, abusive or full of false information sometimes. What can you do about a video that you think can be dangerous? Is it possible to take it down? The answer to that is yes.

This will sound a bit like a tangent, but hear me out. If you spent enough time on YouTube, you might have run into one of those super entertaining YouTube feuds. These feuds consist in YouTube content creators fighting and creating drama about each other, a situation that usually culminates in one of the two parties involved reporting the other person’s videos to YouTube in a vengeful act. In these cases, the most popular reason for which channels end up “getting flagged” is copyright infringement. Once a video gets reported, YouTube will have to review it in order to decide if it actually infringes on the platform’s Community Guidelines. If the video does violate YouTube’s policies, then it will be removed.



So, aside from petty YouTube drama, you can get someone else’s video removed if you have a valid complaint about it. Also, when a YouTube account is found many times guilty of violating Guidelines, it will be penalized, therefore, serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. Now, if you found a video that really irks you, this is the guide for you. Just follow the steps below to report a channel’s video:

– first of all, sign into YouTube (you must have an account to be able to report a video)

– search for the offensive video in the search bar



– click on the video



– now, select the three dots next to SAVE



– then, click on Report next to the flag icon



– and now, you can report the video after choosing among 9 options:

— sexual content

— violent or repulsive content

— hateful or abusive content

— harmful or dangerous acts

— child abuse

— promotes terrorism

— spam or misleading

— infringes my rights

— captions issue




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