How to Overcome Test Taking Anxiety?

How to Overcome Test Taking Anxiety?

By germana

Surveys conducted on institutes and the opinions gathered from educators as well as parents reveal that standardized tests trigger anxiety and stress in students. In this competitive world, the pressure of getting good grades make teen�s mental health and well-being as well. Whether we talk about the summative assessments or the standardized tests, both cause burden on students and it ultimate reduce their overall performance.�

If you become extremely nervous before the exam; the chances are that you are suffering from test anxiety. It leads to several unwanted symptoms that can cause considerable discomfort and also interfere with the test performance. Some of the most common symptoms in the list are shallow breathing, shaking, sweating, jittery feeling, digestive issues, and increased heart rate. Studies reveal that the test anxiety issue is not limited to school students only; it can affect all age groups and different intelligence levels. For some reasons, your brain develops a feeling of threat for the upcoming exam and triggers some hormones in the body that makes you more afraid.�

There are many simple techniques to reduce test-taking anxiety, and anyone can follow them with ease. Below we have highlighted a few of them:

Introducing some fun elements to reduce anxiety:

Although it is a critical trick to engage students into some skill-drill sessions right before the exam, some fun oriented review sessions in the classroom can provide great help. You can use some fun games to go through the whole material with students; it can be show-style quizzes, concept playing, tic-tac-toe, and vocabulary Pictionary. Teachers can work together with kids to find some low-stake techniques for easy review.�

Focus on physical well-being:

Before exams, parents and teachers need to remind students to take enough sleep and enjoy healthy meals in routine. They need to dedicate some time for physical exercises and mindful activities. A five minutes break for meditation, a short walk, and jumping jacks; there are so many things that students can try to relieve exam related pressure. Try some deep breathing exercises; it can also enhance the concentration levels.�

Encourage students to positive thinking:

Instead of forcing kids to get good grades and creating a burden on their mind, it is better to encourage them to practice positive thinking. Many students consider tests as punishment, and it is the prime cause behind their negative response towards these sessions. You should help students to consider standardized tests as an opportunity to realize how hard work pays off.�

Stay organized:

In order to avoid stress and anxiety during standardized tests, it is important to develop good study habits and better time management routines. Divide your whole day into the proper schedule; never forget to include some time for refreshing activities and tiny breaks to focus on relaxation. When you utilize your time more effectively, it naturally helps to reduce the anxiety and students can naturally score well in exams.�

Help students to gain confidence in their abilities; they will soon ensure higher ranking in exams without even feeling anxious about it!�