How to read whatsapp messages without blue ticks

How to read whatsapp messages without blue ticks

By carolc

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications worldwide. And although it offers us many functions, advantages, and benefits at the time of wanting to communicate, it is possible that sometimes we need a break or rest from the messages and our contacts. That is why you can read messages on WhatsApp without others knowing.

Among the features that this app includes, is to display information regarding the date and time of the last time we connected, or what is the same, the last time we were online. As is well known, it also offers the facility to see when the message we send has been sent, when it has been received and when it has been seen. Of course, the same goes for the messages we receive.

All these features can be disabled in case we want to appear offline but continue to see the messages of the different chats. Whether you have an Android device or iOs, you can implement a series of settings on WhatsApp to navigate incognito within the messaging application.

How to read messages on WhatsApp without appearing online

In this section we will be indicating the settings that you can put into practice, to go unnoticed by the application while you have access to all messages and chats.

How to disable connection information and confirmation of message display

The application has by default the option to show all your contacts the last time you were connected. To change this you must go to the “Settings” option, then go to the “Account” option and then to “Privacy”, you will see a series of parameters and the first of them is “Last time”, select that option and set its value to “Nobody”.

On this same screen, you will find the parameter corresponding to “Reading confirmations”. In this case, you only have to deactivate this parameter and people will not be able to see if you have read their messages or not. It is important to note that this applies to all people, whether or not they are on your contact list. In other words, it applies to everyone.

How to appear offline for users that are not on your contact list

To achieve anonymity for one or more specific people, you just have to make sure that they are out of your contact list. Keep in mind that if the people in question are already among your contacts, you must remove them from the list after starting the chat with them. Once this task is done, you can proceed as we indicated in the previous step, with a small variant:

Again go to the option “Settings-> Account-> Privacy”, and in the value of the parameter “Last time”, select the value of “My contacts”. With this step, you are telling WhatsApp to show the information of your last connection, only to the people who are registered in your contact list.

As for them not seeing if you have read their messages, you must proceed as we indicated in the previous section. The only drawback regarding this point is that the deactivation of the reading confirmation applies, as we have already said, to everyone.

How to reply to WhatsApp messages from the notification bar

Another more subtle alternative that has been around for a short time is to choose to view and reply to messages from notifications. This is possible for WhatsApp users.

What you should do is open the notification center, or if you prefer, you can also reply to the messages you receive from the lock screen. This makes it possible that although you respond to the messages you receive through WhatsApp, you will not appear connected at any time, and the moment you respond will not be recorded, as your last connection in the app.

How to activate airplane mode

This is one of the best-known and most effective options. To implement this alternative, you must ensure that the application is completely closed on your device. Next, you proceed to activate “airplane mode” on your mobile device, and you can navigate from one chat to another without being seen.

With this modality, you can read all your messages and keep the moment of your last connection hidden from the public.

Once you finish your review of messages on WhatsApp, you must be vigilant to maintain your anonymity. Before deactivating “airplane mode”, you must make sure to close the application, you must even remove it from multitasking. This will not record the time of your connection, nor the verification of reading messages, once you return your mobile device to the normal connection mode.

Use additional apps

As an additional alternative, you can consider making use of third-party applications that give you the ease of reading messages without being connected. We will mention some of the apps that you can use.


It is a very broad application in terms of its functions. It is compatible with various messaging applications. Invisibles unifies the input trays of different applications and presents them as if they were one.

And also, it does the work that many appreciate: it is capable of hiding the last time you connected, and it also hides the fact that you have read the received messages.

Private Reading for WhatsApp

This is one of the most recommended applications. And as its name expresses, this application takes advantage of the failure of notifications, to allow you to read and reply to messages without appearing connected.


Another one of great acceptance among the public is Unseen. Its popularity is large because it is compatible with other applications such as Instagram. Also, it allows grouping the different input trays in one, just like Invisibles.

This app provides the function of hiding the double blue mark both in WhatsApp and in other applications. It also allows you to read your messages invisibly, and configure this feature for one application or another.


Select the alternative that best suits you, and enjoy anonymity on WhatsApp. Read messages on WhatsApp whenever you want in a private way.

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