How to Record GamePlay on Xbox Series X

How to Record GamePlay on Xbox Series X

By Valentina Tuta

If you own an Xbox console, you know how it feels to want to show others the achievements you have in your favorite game and the skills you possess, either to your friends or to an audience on the internet. Well, the easiest way to do that is to record your gameplay and share it with all your friends. What’s more, from your X or S series console, you can do it without any problem, and here we will show you how.

In the recent updates of its consoles, Microsoft has added some easy recording options, and we hope you can get the right answers to your question on how to record on the Xbox X Series without any problems after reading this guide. 

How to Record Games on Xbox Series X

Method 1: Capture the screen using controller

Well, to begin with, people who are holders of top-of-the-line consoles such as the Xbox X Series will not need any additional add-ons or third-party apps to capture their screen. Here is the detailed step-by-step procedure for recording your gameplay only with the help of the controller.

  1. Once the console is booted up, you will need to get the controller and hit the Share button. It will give you a plethora of options to choose from and you will get the following interface.
  2. There are also some issues reported by a number of users that called out the limitations that it comes with while recording on 4K resolution. There are a few reports where users claimed that they weren’t able to record the 4K content at all. However, all the claims are true to some extent. You can resolve the recording limitation issue by hooking up an external storage drive. It will give you the ability to record an uninterrupted 4K footage up to 1 hour.
  3. Moving on, you will need to find the Settings menu. Under the Settings menu, you will need to go to the Preferences. Here, you will get a total of 5 options. Click on the Capture & Share tab.

Likewise, you will need to go to the General tab and configure the settings according to your requirements. For instance, the Account tab will give you sections related to accounts/billing, lining the social media accounts, sign-in, and passcode settings, and a few parental controls.

  1. Once you hit the Capture & Share tab, the interface will give you a prompt to verify the identity by entering the passcode. Upon entering the 6-digit password, you will be greeted with a few more options that will allow you to understand the interface better.
  2. In the Capture Location tab, you will need to set the storage on your hard drive. By default, it will be set to Internal. To make sure that it detects the hard-drive, there are a few tweaks that you need to make. Making the external drive as the default storage will allow you to record gameplay on Xbox Series X up to 1 hour. You will need to go to the System settings and click on the Storage tab.

Here, you will get Internal as well as the external drive. Click on the drive tab to set it as the default location. It will give you the option to format it for the apps and games and also to see the content that is on this hard drive. All you need to do is select the second option to set it as the default one.

  1. You will need to reach again to the Preferences menu, where you will have to select the hard drive again. It will give you a prompt to confirm the change.
  2. Once you have done everything, you will need to start the game you are going to record, so press the Capture button on the controller and go to the Share icon in the new dialog box. There, click the “Start Recording” button.
  3. Finally, if you want to stop capturing the Xbox Series X game, you will need to launch the control center and press the “X” button on the controller.

Note: There is one thing to keep in mind: if you change the game while the recording is in progress, it will stop.

Method 2: Capture through your smartphone

As you can see, the above method will need the controller to capture the game and continue. But if you want to have another option just in case, you can use your smartphone to do just that.

  • First, on your mobile device, you will need to go to the app store and search for the Xbox app. Install it and run it so that you can log in with the same account you are using on the Xbox console.
  • In this way, the application will welcome you with a very intuitive panel, and you will have full access to all the recordings and screenshots you have on the console.
  • To finish, at the top, right next to the notification center, you will get a connection icon that will allow you to connect your smartphone to the console.

How to View and Share Videos on Xbox Series X

Now that you have arrived at this point with the recording settings you needed to know, it is time to move on to the steps you will need to follow to view the recordings and captures:

  1. First, launch the control center on the console and go to the Share tab that is present on the top bar. It will be the same tab where you found the Start Recording tab.
  2. After that, under the Recording section, you will get options to view the content. Here, you will find the tab Recent Captures. So, click on it, and you will find all the clips that you have recorded until now.
  3. Now, click on the video that you want to share, and it will give you a number of options on which you can share. You can choose the preferred option and follow the onscreen instructions to successfully share the clip.
  4. Lastly, you can also share the content to a number of apps if you have connected the console to the smartphone using the Xbox app. It will also give you the option of editing the video that you have just recorded.
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