How to Report a Poor-Quality Web Page to Google

How to Report a Poor-Quality Web Page to Google

By auroraoddi

Google LLC is an US IT company. It mainly offers online services and has its beating heart in Mountain View, California, in an area called the Googleplex. Google offers its users a wide range of features and products. Among the most important are :

  • the famous Google search engine
  • the Android operating system
  • the Chrome OS operating system;
  • various web services (YouTube, Gmail, Play Store, Google Maps, etc.).

As well as being America’s most famous IT company, Google is also one of the world’s richest and largest corporations. It has 70 offices in 50 countries around the world, employing at least 135,301 people.

Google Lets you Report a Poor-Quality Page

It would be impossible to list all the services and options available to users thanks to Google. One of the most important is the ability to report a poor-quality page to Google.

What Parameters are Used to Assess the Quality of a Google Page?

Google takes a number of parameters into account when assessing the quality of a page. Here are the most important:

  • Original and exclusive content, different from other pages and unique to the reader;
  • rich in external sources and links, indicating that the page is worth mentioning;
  • the selected links, in turn, must belong to quality pages;
  • the page best meets readers’ needs;
  • fast page loading;
  • accessibility from any device;
  • content must be well-written and free of grammatical errors;
  • all non-text content must be transcribed.

Google Updated the Form for Reporting Poor-Quality Pages

Thanks to a short post on the official blog, Google has launched an updated version of the Search Quality User Report module. This is used to monitor and detect low-quality web pages that contain spam or fraudulent content.

Thanks to the new module, users will be able to report a wider range of situations and flag up content that appears harmful or unpleasant. Google’s aim is to identify any pages that manage to bypass the automatic detection system, using optimization techniques.

User reports help Google to optimize its algorithm, so that it can detect or remove poor-quality pages from search results. The revised version of this form follows the update of Google Search Essentials. This latest tool was introduced in October 2022, and explains all Google’s rules and instructions for SEO techniques.

What Content Can I Report to Google?

By using the dedicated form, users can report the following content to Google:

  • a page containing spam or undesirable content;
  • a page using deceptive methods to manipulate content;
  • a page containing links to paid content;
  • a page of poor quality or containing erroneous or useless information;
  • a page with no intended content;
  • misuse of SEO strategy.

If you have any doubts about reporting, you can consult Google Search Essentials, which includes all the rules relating to spam.

How Do I Report a Bad Page to Google?

To report a poor-quality page to Google, follow these steps:

  • access the Google reporting form;
  • insert the URL(s) of the page(s) you wish to report;
  • illustrate the initial query on the search engine;
  • insert additional information;
  • validate operations;
  • wait for the confirmation e-mail.

Up to 5 web pages can be reported at the same time for violation of the same rule.


Google, the prominent US IT company headquartered in Mountain View, California, is globally renowned for its online services and products. Notably, the Googleplex serves as its innovation hub. The company offers a range of services including the iconic Google search engine, Android and Chrome OS, and various web services like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps. With a presence in over 70 offices across 50 countries, Google employs around 135,301 individuals.

One pivotal aspect is the ability for users to report subpar web pages to Google. Parameters for evaluating page quality encompass original content, authoritative external sources, reader relevance, fast loading, cross-device accessibility, well-written text, and transcription of non-text content.

Recently, Google revamped the Search Quality User Report module, enabling broader reporting of harmful content or bypassing techniques. Users’ reports aid algorithm refinement, ensuring better search results. This collaborative effort underscores Google’s commitment to enhancing online experiences.

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