How to send money using WhatsApp Pay?

How to send money using WhatsApp Pay?

By carolc

The way of making payments has changed thanks to technology and new app developments. This time it is WhatsApp that ventures into the field of sending money and payments, for the benefit of its millions of users. The messaging service belonging to Facebook recently launched its WhatsApp Pay function, which allows you to make payments with the same ease with which you send a message.

At the moment the payment function is only active in Brazil, but the WhatsApp team plans to implement it in the rest of the countries soon.

How does WhatsApp Pay work?

The payment function of the messaging service operates through the Facebook Pay platform. This platform establishes partnerships with the banking entities of each country, as well as with the Visa and MasterCard card networks.

WhatsApp Pay will allow clients of associated financial entities to make payments and receive money from family, friends, or contacts. They can also make payments to small companies or businesses.

Indispensable requirement

As part of the requirements to carry out operations with WhatsApp Pay, you must have a debit or credit card from one of the banks affiliated with the messaging service.

Safety in every operation

To protect users’ money, they must enter a code or mark their fingerprint, for the execution of each payment made through WhatsApp.

Fast and free transactions

One of the most outstanding characteristics of this new function is that it does not apply commissions for making payments. This projects a rapid acceptance and expansion in each country that is activated.

How to register your card in WhatsApp Pay?

To use the payment platform, you must first affiliate your bank account to the service. To make this affiliation you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the WhatsApp application.
  • Click on the menu located in the upper right corner, identified by three dots in vertical alignment.
  • In addition to the standard options, you will be able to view a new option called “Payments”. Select this option.
  • Next, you must select “Add new payment method”, and click on “Accept” to continue.
  • You will be presented with a list of the different banks in your country affiliated with WhatsApp Pay. Remember that some banks may not be affiliated yet. From the list, you must select the bank where you have an account and card.
  • Next, you must click on the “Clip” icon to add your card.
  • Once your card has been added, you must validate your phone number. At this point, you must make sure that your WhatsApp number is the same that you have registered in your bank account. Click on the option “Verify by SMS”, to proceed with the authentication of your bank account.
  • Immediately, you must click on the “Permit” option for the messaging service to validate that your phone number is the same one registered in your account.
  • Press “Permit” again for WhatsApp to send you a text message with which your account will be validated.
  • Now the messaging service will connect with your bank, to obtain the information of all the accounts that you have affiliated with your telephone number.
  • Finally, click on “Done” to complete the WhatsApp Pay configuration.

After registering your card, you should be able to view the payment method that appears in the payments section. Remember that every time you make a transfer you must enter your bank code.

How to send money with WhatsApp Pay?

Sending money or making a payment through WhatsApp is an extremely simple and fast task. Once you have your card affiliated, you just have to proceed as follows:

  • Search and select the contact you want to send the money to.
  • Once you are in the chat window, click on the “Clip” icon.
  • From the options that are displayed, choose “Payment”.
  • Indicate the amount of money you want to send.
  • Enter the secret code corresponding to your bank.
  • A confirmation message will immediately appear in the chat, indicating that the operation has been executed successfully.

Scope of the WhatsApp money transfer function

At the moment WhatsApp has only launched its WhatsApp Pay function in Brazil. But the intention of the team of the world’s most popular messaging service is to implement its money transfer platform in the rest of the countries as soon as possible.

For the launch of this function in Brazil, WhatsApp Pay joined the financial entities Banco do Brasil, Sicredi, and Nubank.

WhatsApp users in Brazil now have the opportunity to send money to anyone on their contact list. They will also be able to make payments to small businesses.

For companies and businesses

The owners of small businesses or companies now have the possibility of receiving payments, through the application that at the moment they use as a messaging service.

For business owners to receive payments from their customers, they must create an account using the WhatsApp Business application.

Matt IdemaWhatsApp Director of Operations, commented: “We are excited to bring WhatsApp payments to our users throughout Brazil. Making it easier to send and receive money could not be more important than at a time like this.”


With a function like this, we are sure that the messaging app will continue to grow worldwide. We only have to wait for the WhatsApp Pay money transfer platform to be implemented in the rest of the countries to enjoy all its advantages.

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