The most right “wrong” cutlet from Milan comes to your home thanks to an online store

The most right “wrong” cutlet from Milan comes to your home thanks to an online store

By carolc

In this article you will find an interview with the inventors of the “wrong” chop, which will also be for sale on the Internet this summer and available for shipment throughout Europe. Keep reading!

We contacted the guys from Anche in Milan (a restaurant and bar, two restaurants and a bakery). Today we will talk more closely about the first restaurant, the place where the beautiful story you are about to read came to life. Located in the Isola district of Milan, it has been modified, rebuilt and created several times, without distorting its initial identity, always welcoming, capable of recreating the metropolitan atmosphere, typical of the Lombard capital. But the name ANCHE is linked above all to a very particular story, in its way that has now become a “legend”, the story of the “wrong” cutlet, the name assigned to the recipe for Milanese pork cutlet with almonds and orange, prepared by hand and fried in a pan in butter. It is so called because it was born from a need to supply pork that led to exploring new paths in Italian cuisine, becoming a success story, first in the restaurant (Anche Restaurant) and today, thanks to an effective digital strategy, also on the Internet (Anche Shop). Through the interview that follows, the Anche guys share with you readers the most “curious” part of their story, which led them to combine the name ANCHE with the story of the “wrong cutlet”.

First of all, thank you for your availability and congratulations on your wonderful activities in the restaurant industry. How did they start doing this job and how did they come to offer the famous “wrong” cutlet?

Some of us have always done this work, before reaching the Isola district in Milan we worked as dishwashers, waiters, others had other experiences behind them, step by step we find ourselves here.

As for the “wrong” chop, the story is exactly what you already read on the web where you can buy the product: one day a butcher called us and asked us for a hand to give away some pork cutlets. We didn’t know what to do with the pork chops. “Make us some cutlets,” he suggested. But in Milan, you know well, the cutlet is made with veal, so we said to him: “You, who are a Milanese butcher, do you propose to make cutlets with pork?” And he said, “Call it a mistake!” Hence the “wrong” cutlet was born.

Fantastic! We take a look at the online store, which stands out for being perhaps the first and only online store dedicated to a Milanese cutlet… Tell us about this website that was born as a necessity in the face of the confinement crisis, or because you had other projects to develop?

“No”, in the sense that we have always dreamed of working on the idea of ​​having a product that is also associated with our service work. Then, during the confinement, always by mistake, the idea of ​​vacuum packaging was born, in fact, we attached a booklet in the boxes of products to take away as a gadget and we vacuum sealed it to prevent it from getting dirty with food. A customer once commented to us that perhaps it was better to vacuum pack the food instead of the brochure. Then, we also started to put the vacuum packed chop and after some analysis we made the food product compatible with the shipping regulations and the online store project was born.

Anche - logo

And from this story of the “wrong” cutlet online, what are you learning on the internet?

Internet is a tool that allows you to improve connections with the world. With the online store we offer shipments of the “wrong” cutlet to all of Europe and, despite being a restaurant in Milan, technically we can reach customers all over the world thanks to the Internet. We can make ourselves known in a place without even being there physically and with a low budget, previously unthinkable.

Anche - wrong cutlet

The cutlet is cooked, vacuum sealed and then shipped refrigerated to the customer’s home thanks to the online store. Will there be more products for sale on the site through this preparation technique?

We really like the idea of ​​having only one product. We will stop here for the moment. If we want, we are ready to include all the other products in the online store, but we stand firm on the only product, the “wrong” cutlet. In any case, we work with other formats in several boxes and thus we would have a single product with different facets, lower weights, more or less large boxes. So who knows, we will always be willing to contradict ourselves, after all, who would have thought we would find ourselves selling chops online …!

Yours is the beautiful story of an obstacle that becomes an opportunity, you have faced a difficult challenge in a resounding way and, with great difficulty, you have changed your world of work. What do you want to say to readers who are still struggling to overcome their obstacles in the world of work right now?

Ours is the story of an error that becomes ANCHE, in fact! A success (precisely because “Anche” is the name of the restoration company, ed). I’ll tell you another: our logo is a star, but that comes from a stain. One day we overturned something while we were designing our logo and after the initial anger we noticed that the spot looked like a star: A spot on your way can become a star that lights your way, one of us said, and that’s how it became the logo .

Like our cutlet: at first a mistake, at the end a success.

Let’s say that some of our ideas were born from mistakes, that later, if you try to see them in another way, they can become opportunities.

Today we have come to pack “the wrong one” because before we used to vacuum pack “the book of errors”!

Anche - slogan

If you continue like this you will also become famous thanks to the vacuum packed booklet! A kind, let’s say, of your trade relic …!

Yes, let’s hope it becomes one of those Hall of Fame memories!

We thank the guys from Anche, who gave us part of their time to tell this particular story, also sharing what are the two slogans of their business: “Take into account your mistakes, because there may be mistakes that matter” and “Don’t have fear of being wrong.” Obviously, if you haven’t tasted it yet, we invite you to buy the “wrong” cutlet at the restaurant, also through the online store accessible on the site:

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