What is WhatsApp Plus and how to use it?

What is WhatsApp Plus and how to use it?

By carolc

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used applications for the messaging service. Its popularity has led it to have millions of users around the world, and so much so, that some people dedicated themselves to creating a parallel version, known as WhatsApp Plus.

This new version was created by third parties, it is not an official version, but it has been widely accepted thanks to all the functions it provides.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

It is an altered version of the original application owned by Facebook. Its creation is attributed to an individual of Spanish origin known as Rafalense. According to what was explained by its developer, WhatsApp Plus is an improved version of the original app, with which users can continue to enjoy their same WhatsApp, but with functions that allow them to customize it.

WhatsApp Plus is free to download, and it already has millions of users. The general opinion about this new version is that it is better than the official app.

What does WhatsApp Plus offer you?

There are various functions and facilities that this application offers you. We describe the main ones:

Higher level of privacy

WhatsApp Plus allows you to maintain greater privacy of your account or profile. The app offers you the possibility of using the “hidden mode”, so that you can choose the time and date of the last connection that will be shown to your contacts. This works even if you are active and chatting.

It also allows you to deactivate the confirmation of reading messages (the double tick in blue).

Another function it offers is to prevent you from being added to groups. This way they won’t be able to include you in group chats if you don’t want to.

If you prefer, you can also hide your profile picture from certain contacts. And as an additional function, it allows you to block unwanted conversations.

Wide variety of designs to customize

One of the most outstanding and attractive facilities for users is to customize the appearance of the app.

WhatsApp Plus offers a wide variety of configurable designs or templates, to give your messaging app a unique appearance. There are more than seven hundred templates with different colors, order and typography, from which you can choose.

A larger collection of emojis

WhatsApp Plus brings with it a larger collection of emojis, which you can even resize. The only detail is that for your contacts to see it, they must also have the unofficial version of WhatsApp.

Greater capacity for sending files

With this application you can send files with a maximum of 50 MB. It is a much higher capacity if we compare it with what the original version allows.

This facility allows you to maintain the quality of the videos and photos, even if their size is reduced for easy shipping.

Delete messages without notification

For those who have made the mistake of sending a message to the wrong chat, WhatsApp Plus includes the message deletion feature.

Even if the message has already been viewed by the wrong recipient, you can delete it. You can also delete them before they see them, and in this case they will not be notified that you have deleted a message.

The downside of WhatsApp Plus

Being an unofficial application and totally unrelated to the original app, it is possible that at some point you will suffer any of the following problems:

  • You may be penalized by the original application. This could mean temporary suspension of your account.
  • You can lose your contacts, updates or even your messages.
  • You may not receive the news or updates of the original application in a timely manner.
  • To download WhatsApp Plus you must do it from an unknown source, because this version is not found on Google Play. This could cause irreversible damage to the operating system of your device.

Computer security experts do not advise downloading applications developed by third parties that cannot be acquired through secure and validated sites. If the app is not in the App Store or in Google Play, the risk that the download contains a virus is very high.

On the other hand, the permissions that the application requests must be validated. You must make sure that they are not too broad, to prevent your information from being shared unnecessarily.

They also advise having an antivirus that allows you to detect if there are any types of threats in these types of applications.

How to download WhatsApp Plus?

Although it is not recommended that you download modified and unofficial versions of applications, you can do it if you wish. In the case of WhatsApp Plus, to download it you must:

  • Visit any of the web pages that contain the download link.
  • Select the “Download APK” option twice.
  • Google Chrome will present you with a verification window, asking if you want to download a file that could damage your computer. You must press the affirmation option for the app download to start.
  • Once it has been completely downloaded, you must click on the notification that indicates that the file has been downloaded.
  • Chrome will ask if you want to install from an unknown source, to which you must respond by pressing the “Ok” button.

You must bear in mind that as part of the conditions of service of the official WhatsApp application, it is indicated that applications not accepted such as WhatsApp Plus, or those that claim to be able to transfer your WhatsApp conversations from one device to another, are versions altered WhatsApp. These applications created by third parties are considered as unofficial, and violate the regulations of the official messaging service, since their practices in the security area cannot be verified.

Penalties from WhatsApp

As a security measure and a wake-up call, the original app has proceeded to penalize those users who make use of altered versions of the official application.

The sanction applied consists of suspending all types of accounts owned by users who use the unofficial versions of the messaging service. Because of this, it is possible that people who downloaded and use WhatsApp Plus, receive a notification through the app, indicating that their account was suspended for a certain time.

With this temporary penalty, WhatsApp seeks to force people to permanently migrate to the original application. Otherwise the account may be permanently suspended.