How to use AirTM?

How to use AirTM?

By carolc

AirTM is an online platform that aims to enable trusted currency conversion to digital assets. It is valid for all countries, but in the last two years, its main niche has been Latin American countries where national currency has lost its value against the dollar. AirTM main goal is to give people financial freedom, confidence by having access to world-class financial services and do not have to worry about their money worthless, or not being able to receive payments from other countries.

Through AirTM we can deposit, withdraw and transfer money online supported on a stable currency with a free registration and maintenance cost. In this article, we will take a look at this platform and learn how to move money with an AirTM account.

What is AirTM?

AirTM is an online payment platform (at supported by a financial services company based in Mexico DF. It is a crypto “peer-to-peer marketplace” that allows exchanging fiat currency and digital assets with users through the internet and provides a global free market forex reference rate for some countries with weak economies.

Airtm is a consolidated electronic dollar wallet built on top of the Uphold e-money platform to facilitate transfers from money in the cloud to the specific currency on countries traditional banking system. Its main mission is to give dollar access to people in all countries that suffer inflation and devaluation in their economies by communicating people who want to sell an asset with others who want to buy it. AirTM is like an intermediary in dollar purchase/sale, but not in its payment.

AirTM main features

AirTM main features are:

  • Provides professional support in transactional mediation as needed.
  • Money is held in escrow and is not released until both parties are satisfied
  • Cashiers are selected and verified for their honesty and efficiency.
  • Allows deposit and withdraw money from banks and e-money networks including PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, Apple Pay, Skrill, among others.
  • Permits deposit and withdraw by using gift cards from several online services like Amazon, Airbnb, Google Play, iTunes, Netflix, etc.
  • Allows deposit and withdrawal with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more.

How does AirTM work?

AirTM, as a cloud money platform, allows anyone to save or move their money safely. It works as an intermediary between users in it; company profit comes from commissions for each transaction made between them. Its deposit and withdrawal methods include banks and e-money networks, gift cards, cash, and cryptocurrencies; also changing AirTM money for real local currency with trained cashiers based around the globe. It can function like any ordinary checking account by making deposits and withdraws local currency to and from an Airtm account, also allows to send and receive dollar payments instantly, that is because it is supported on AirProtocol and Air token to enable trustless censorship-resistant decentralized peer-to-peer fiat/crypto exchange.

AirTM is a US-regulated, Mexico-based new technology for financial operations. It operates supported on an open-source blockchain protocol (called AirProtocol) and bank-connected digital wallet by decentralizing its peer-to-peer exchange platform (called AirPlatform) and using a utility token (called Air), with this combination it provides globally-connected financial services to consumers and businesses on the internet enabling peers to exchange digital assets through a system of smart contracts. It relies on AirProtocol and Air to enable a global network of trustless, decentralized, censorship-resistant fiat/cryptocurrency exchanges.

How can we create an account and transfer money with AirTM?

The first thing to do is to open an AirTM account in case we do not have one already. Opening an account with Airtm is free and without any maintenance costs plus, by now, give away $2 to new users who complete their first two transactions. Registration is a simple form were must be entered an email, residence country, and account type. Then we will receive an email to validate our data and finish the registration process by providing some personal data.

Once having an account, we have to login into the platform to have access to our account and each offering transaction. For example, if we want to make a deposit, we have just to click on the “Deposit” button, enter the local currency amount we want to deposit into and choose between different e-transfer methods to deposit money. Then we have to pick a deposit method, and AirTM will match us with a trustworthy cashier in our local area; of course, the cashier earns a commission for transaction completion. AirTM will debit dollars from the cashier’s account when they accept the transaction. We e-transfer money to the cashier account and then dollars are released to ours.

On other hand, to withdraw local currency we have to hit the “Withdraw” button, enter the amount of local currency we want to, and input the e-transfer method. We can withdraw money to traditional banks, cryptocurrency wallets or even gift cards. When withdrawing money from our account for local cash is needed, AirTM will match us with a verified local cashier to do so.

In conclusion, an AirTM account works like a checking account; users can deposit and withdraw local currency to and from it but in a faster and most convenient way. It has cashiers located around the globe who facilitate transactions involving local fiat currency in exchange for a fee, and it facilitates money transfers from existing digital payment networks, online wallet, or any bank; that is because are people endorsed by AirTM who have funds between different payment processors to exchange balance in a multitude of currencies. AirTM will let us easily manage our money without relying just on traditional banks.

Now that we know how to move money with an AirTM account, let’s take advantage of its benefits and begin to store our money like United States dollars and spend it in our local currency.