What is Neteller and how does it work?

What is Neteller and how does it work?

By carolc

In the world of virtual wallets, Neteller is one of the first that existed and that is still valid today.

What is Neteller?

In short, it is an electronic wallet through which you can make transfers, deposits or payments. The platform gives you a virtual and secure tool to keep your money.


  • It is mainly used by betting websites, online casinos and Forex.
  • Not widely used in the world of online job sites, or in survey and task apps to earn money.
  • Guarantees the security of operations through an SSL navigation system and 128-bit encryption keys.
  • It allows you to obtain a physical or virtual card.
  • To make a transfer, the minimum amount allowed is $ 5.
  • If the transfer is made to a bank account in the United States, the minimum amount allowed is 20 dollars.

Operations you can perform with Neteller

With this virtual wallet you have the possibility of carrying out the following transactions:

  • Receive payments from different websites such as PTC, Forex, stock exchange sites, betting sites, among others.
  • Send payments to various businesses or online sites.
  • Buy services or products.
  • Free and immediate operations with other Neteller users.
  • Collect and pay for online poker games.
  • Verification of a PayPal account.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

How to sign up for Neteller

To create your account in Neteller the process is very simple.

  • Enter the official website of the digital wallet
  • Then click on the button “Register for free”.
  • In the window that is enabled, enter the corresponding data: name, surname, email address, and password.
  • To finish press the button “Register now”.

You will then see a welcome screen and access your account. Although you can immediately carry out all the operations that the wallet allows you, it is advisable that you proceed with the verification of your account. In this way you will avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Account Verification

The first thing you must do to validate your Neteller account is to receive a payment or make a deposit. Once there is money in your account, you will be able to access the option “Verify your identity”. Click on it and follow these steps:

  • Select the type of document you want to use. It can be your passport, ID or your driver’s license.
  • Indicate the identification number corresponding to the document you selected.
  • Enter the expiration date of the document in question.
  • Digitize the document and save a copy on your personal computer. Once you have this step ready, press the “Start Verification” option.
  • Again you must indicate the type of document that you selected in the first step.
  • The digitized document will be uploaded to the Neteller platform, and the verification process will begin. This can take a few seconds.
  • Once it has been verified that everything is in order, your account will be verified.

Note: if your account is not verified, you will only be able to receive payments for amounts less than or equal to $ 100.

Deposit, withdrawal and payment methods at Neteller

To start mobilizing the money in your account, you can use one of the following mechanisms:

For deposits

You can make a bank transfer, Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, GiroPay, Neosurf, PaySafecash, SafetyPay, Skrill, Trustly, Ukash, etc.

For withdrawals

You can also make a bank transfer, write a check or use the Net + MasterCard debit card.

To receive payments

You can receive payments from different websites that are affiliated with Neteller, such as eToro, My Profit Land, Neobux, PokerStars, among others.

Neteller commissions

  • Neteller applies the same commission to any operation used to deposit money to your account: 2.5% of the transaction amount. Receiving payments is free.
  • The rate applied to bank transfers is 10 dollars.
  • ATM withdrawals also have a $ 10 fee.
  • And maintaining a plastic MasterCard is $ 10 per year.
  • Currency exchange implies a rate of 3.99%.
  • And if your account is inactive for a year, Neteller charges a maintenance fee of $ 5.

Neteller Cards

One of the main advantages of having an account at Neteller is that this virtual wallet gives you the option of having two cards. One of them is the Net + Prepaid MasterCard, and the other card is the Net + Virtual MasterCard.

Net + Prepaid MasterCard Card

This is a standard physical or plastic card. This instrument allows you to withdraw money from ATMs and make purchases in physical locations and in online stores.

This card represents a cost of $ 13 per year.

Net + Virtual Prepaid MasterCard Card

It is a virtual card, to which you can recharge the balance from your account, whenever you want. It is a free card that you can use to make purchases online, on any website that accepts MasterCard cards.

One of the most outstanding features of this virtual card is that you can top up money whenever you need it. This allows you to maintain an additional level of security, if you only top up money when you are going to use it.

Note: to apply for the Net + Prepaid MasterCard you must have verified your account.

How to apply for a card?

Applying for any of the Neteller cards is very simple. We indicate the steps to follow:

  • Once you have entered the Neteller site with your username and password, go to the menu located on the left of the screen identified as “Net + Cards”.
  • Then click on the button corresponding to the card you wish to request: the “Get a plastic card” button to request the physical card, or the “Add a virtual card” button.
  • After selecting the corresponding option, you must validate and confirm your information. That’s it.

In the event that you have requested the plastic card, the $ 13 corresponding to annual maintenance will be automatically and immediately discounted. The card is usually issued within seven days.