How to turn off voicemail on iPhone in 2022

How to turn off voicemail on iPhone in 2022

By auroraoddi

The voicemail has always been a very useful tool in the past. It originated after World War II as a telecommunications tool that was connected to the telephone line. As we all know, its operation consists of leaving a recorded message after a certain number of rings. In the past, messages were recorded on a magnetic tape, which did not allow the recording to be changed. Today, however, thanks to analogue modems, combined with special software running on a computer, it is also possible to create an application of the answering machine itself.

Voicemail limitations

The voicemail is a useful tool for receiving voice messages when you are unable to answer a call. However, there are limitations. A voicemail uses the telephone line like any other telephone device, which means that while the voicemail is answering a call, the telephone line is busy. Or conversely, when the line is busy on a call, the answering machine cannot receive incoming calls.

Why turn off voicemail

In addition to the limitations of voicemail explained in the previous paragraph, the world we know today is now exclusively digital. Certainly, voicemail is a useful tool for receiving or leaving messages, but after the emergence of so many applications that allow people to interact with each other, voicemail is certainly the last of the tools we use on a daily basis. If you feel the same way, here is Syrus’ guide to help you disable voicemail on the iPhone regardless of your telephone provider.

Turn off voicemail: codes

One of the ways we recommend that you can switch off your answering machine is to use specific codes on your numeric keypad. By entering a specific code in the telephone dialer you can switch your answering machine off. Each code has its own function and allows you to switch your answering machine on or off under certain circumstances. Be careful to enter the code that corresponds to your needs. The operation to be carried out is as follows: after entering the code you need in the dialer, start the call, then wait for the confirmation message which will appear on the display of your iPhone. Then enter:

  • #004# to turn off iPhone voicemail
  • *004# to turn on iPhone voicemail

Turn off voicemail from Settings

Another method we recommend is to turn off the voicemail directly from the settings. This method is not always reliable, however, as even after doing so, trying to access the answering machine by phone may result in charges being made to your SIM card. That said, proceed as follows. On the Home screen of your phone tap on the Settings icon, tap on Phone, now tap on Call Forwarding and finally drag the switch to OFF. Remember, however, that by doing this you will only disable the possibility for callers to leave a message on your answering machine, and not your access to the service itself. Therefore, when you make a call to the number made available by your operator to access the answering machine service, you will be charged the call costs stipulated in your tariff plan.

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