Instagram is Bringing Ads to Search Results and Launching ‘Reminder Ads’

Instagram is Bringing Ads to Search Results and Launching ‘Reminder Ads’

By eduardogaitancortez

Instagram has introduced 2 new features that it is demonstrating with various organizations and users and that shows advertising in search results and the ‘reminder ads’ tool. With which organizations have the possibility to remind users of future events or launches. The social network, owned by Meta, has underlined its role to “find new brands, products or upcoming events” to users.

What’s new about Instagram?

Instagram will introduce these new advertising tools to give organizations “more ways to be discovered and make meaningful connections.” As stated in a report on its website, Instagram is introducing ads in the middle of publications that appear as search results to “reach people” who are looking for active organizations and their products and content.

In this way, once a customer enters a query in the search engine such as, for example “food,” advertising publications of related organizations will also appear in the feed of results. Along with the rest of the social network’s publications. Instagram said the ads resulting from the survey will be launched universally in the coming months, although it did not describe the availability date or in which areas it will be available.

Reminder Ads: How do they work

Instagram is also showing reminder announcements. A feature to announce, remind, and notify users of upcoming events or releases that may be of interest to them. To produce a reminder, advertisers need to generate a “post” and, before publishing it, click on “add reminder.” After that, simply add the title of the event and choose a start time and, accordingly, an end time. Once configured, the post is created and shared.

Users who see the post and are interested can choose to receive a reminder of the event by tapping on the bell icon that will appear in the lower left corner of the post. Specifically, interested parties will be able to choose up to 3 Instagram notifications at the date or time of the event. The configuration options are one day before, 15 minutes before, and once the meeting starts.

In addition, once a “post” is published with a reminder, advertisers will be able to produce other posts about the same event and add the same reminder without having to create a new one. Therefore, when generating the publication and choosing the “Increase Reminder” alternative, reminders already scheduled in other publications will also appear.


It will then be possible to choose an activity from the list of existing events. The platform explained, however, that the publication with the reminder will have to be produced at least one hour before the event. Or at most, 3 months before the start of the event.

This new feature is only available to expert accounts because, as Instagram pointed out, it will help advertisers generate “awareness, anticipation, and consideration” for upcoming events. For now, the Meta social network has partnered with brands such as U.S. streaming content service Starz to test this tool.

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