Meta Will Stop Offering Reels Bonuses to Creators on Facebook and Instagram

Meta Will Stop Offering Reels Bonuses to Creators on Facebook and Instagram

By eduardogaitancortez

Meta start removing digital collectibles on Instagram and Facebook. Both their merchandising and sharing functionality, as the company intends to operate in “other ways to benefit creators”. The company headed by Mark Zuckerberg began testing non-fungible token (NFT) collections with certain Facebook and Instagram users in May of last year.


In August, the parent organization of the two social networks made the ability to declare and share their non-fungible tokens available to all users. Thus, Meta intended to “help make the NFT space more inclusive for each of the communities”, as he expressed. That’s because he taught users to connect their digital wallets to both Facebook and Instagram to share their digital collectibles on the two social networks.

Now, after this lapse, Meta’s Head of Business and FinTech, Stephane Kasriel, has announced that “for now” Meta is removing digital collectibles on Instagram and Facebook. This to manifest itself in “other ways to benefit creators, individuals and companies”. As he has expressed through a Twitter post. He added how this change would be due to the fact that Meta is “carefully analyzing” its priorities to “increase its focus”.

In this sense, Kasriel has stressed that the creation of opportunities for creators and organizations “connect with your fans and monetize” is still “a priority”. For this reason, he has emphasized that Meta will continue to focus on the surfaces in which it can have a “huge-scale impact”. Alluding to the surroundings of messaging and the monetization opportunities for the ‘reels’, short videos in vertical format.

Along these lines, Stephane Kasriel also shared that the parent company of Instagram and Facebook will continue to invest in “fintech” tools. That is, in financial technology, which organizations “will need in the future”. In doing so, he reported that the company is “simplifying” the payment process with Meta Pay and investing in courier payments through Meta.


Meta may be trying to collect advertising money. Since the short video clip belongs to the most popular formats on social media today. Last year, she expanded her creator overlay experiment into well over 50 territories, as well as demoing in-stream ads. For those 2 ad formats, the company shares 55% of the profit with the creators. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that Reels had hit a billion-dollar annual revenue rate.

However the company would expect the format to make more money as it spends cash on metaverse efforts. In the investor call for Meta’s fourth-quarter 2022 result, Zuckerberg said Reels still isn’t making enough money. But how do advertising credits work? Once you redeem an ad credit, it is used to pay the ad prices accrued in your account. This includes all the ads running in your advertising account.

In addition to the one created to redeem the ad credit. If you have a running ad, charges will be used on your ad credit until it runs out or expires. Instead, if you have a campaign-level ad credit, the campaign will use the balance first. If the campaign is still running after the advertising credit in the campaign level has run out, advertising credits in the publication or payment process level will be used.


This functionality might not be available to you at this time. Ad accounts billed monthly now have the option to activate ad credits at posting grade or campaign grade through the Ads Manager payment settings. This feature is available at the ad credit activation step. In addition to enabling credit at the posting grade, you can now assign credit to one or many ad posting campaigns. In that sense, the coupon will be spent exclusively on the campaigns you choose.

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