Instagram Recover Codes not working?

 Instagram Recover Codes not working?

By carolc

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Already a while ago, that the Social Network Instagram, has been presenting problems with the continuous stalking of hackers and malicious people who create Spam or Bots to create fake accounts is their system. As a result, the company implemented a defense mechanism that, while a little brakes on these attacks, created another problem with its users, given that many of them, were left with their accounts blocked and without the hope of being able to activate them.

It all resides in the verification code that Instagram supposedly sends to recover your blocked account, which never arrives and if it does, it doesn’t work.

But what’s wrong with the verification code

Instagram, request a phone number to send the verification code through SMS, at the time of receipt, you must enter that code in the box to verify your account. The problem arises, when Instagram tries to send you the famous code and you never receive it, no matter how hard you try and re-register the number, nothing that comes.

It is clear that the platform is presenting a kind of delay or fails when sending messages. Even if the message arrives, the code does not work in the same way because when it arrives, first they are illegible, arrive in another language and very messy. This results in thousands of users not being able to enjoy their accounts for being blocked simply because the famous unlock code never arrives and when it does, it doesn’t work.

Another way to receive a message with the Instagram code

Since many users of this application encounter their blocked accounts, here we will explain how you can receive this message by another way and thus verify receipt of it.

You can use a free app like Receive SMS Online, for receiving SMS that will help you verify the blocked Instagram account.

  • Go to the web through this Receive SMS Online link
  • When entering, you will be shown a list with images of flags from different countries with their respective phone numbers. Select one country of your choice, then take note of that number and enter it on Instagram. After that press send. If that number does not work, you will have the option to try another, but they are almost always quite effective.
  • After Instagram informs you that the code was successfully sent, go back to the SMS page and refresh to show you the latest messages. Once you update it, you will check in a kind of box, which will contain the last 50 messages received. You only have to find a message that comes from a number 69988 that will be located in the section of the table “Sender”, in the “Message” part you can copy the verification code. If you checked it when Instagram informed you to send it, your message will be one of the first.
  • As a last step, and once you copy the code, proceed to paste it into the Instagram page, at that time, your account will be unlocked and verified.

Based on the research done, this procedure works perfectly as long as you have followed the steps well and will verify that your account will be unlocked and ready to use.

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