Interview with Andrea Burocco, CEO of Fluida

Interview with Andrea Burocco, CEO of Fluida

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Interview with Andrea Burocco, CEO of Fluida, the first management software for the worker-company’s relationship 

Running a company in a virtuous and organized way is undoubtedly a great personal satisfaction. This, however, often hides an enormous toll: the waiver of free time, relationships and also passions. 

Fluida was created to give practical and effective help to entrepreneurs who can no longer deal with bureaucracy, endless reports and paperwork to be fixed. If you find yourself in the same situation, this article is just for you! 

What is Fluida

Fluida is an innovative startup born in 2018 that has already achieved great growth. Not surprisingly it was acquired in 2019 by Zucchetti. 

Among its flagship products there is Fluida HR Suite, an employee management software that has already helped many entrepreneurs in reorganizing the HR asset. 

What does Fluida HR Suite

The software has several features: 

Attendance management

Organize your holidays, manage permits and sick leaves, send notifications 

Attendance monitoring

Innovative system to detect attendance both on site and remotely via NFC, Bluetooth and GPS

Expense report

Keep track of all your business expenses

Sending notifications for business communications

Send notifications to the entire team remotely to keep them informed of every move quickly and securely

Reporting of activities

Analyze costs and business results through reports 

Document repository

Eliminate paperwork! Digitally send and store all the documents you need: order slips, contracts, receipts etc 

Other services you can find in Fluida HR Suite: company address book, storage of locations and teams, reporting, remote job management, multilingual.

If you want to know more about it, read the interview with Andrea Burocco, CEO of Fluida

Hi Andrea, nice to meet you and thank you for your time. Fluida: tell us something more about this beautiful story

Fluida was born in 2018 from the desire to create a solution that would simplify the relationship between workers and companies, by digitizing interactions with a dual objective: involved people and more productive companies. To do this we have examined all the situations that arise from the day of recruitment until the end of the collaboration and we started digitizing the processes that are most frequent and boring.

Fluida is an Employee Relationship Management platform, which introduces and accompanies people in the agency, in analogy to what a CRM does with customers, with the aim of retaining, motivating, attracting and developing the relationship between people. It’s equipped with an extremely intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to interact with the company and vice versa.  “What’s my working time today? –  Who’s on site? – Will I work remotely tomorrow?”
These are just a few examples of the immediate answers and real-time information that can be found on Fluida.

How and when was the business idea born?

More than 10 years ago eCommerce started to revolutionize the entire commerce sector in Italy. We had identified the trend in time and had decided to open two startups. That’s how we found ourselves, from a very young age, managing dozens of employees, in an industry where there is high turnover due to the high demand for talent and the low offer of candidates.

We wanted to create a serene working environment where people could express their value. We chose to base the organizational culture on a well-defined system of rules and internal transparency and not on an authoritarian model like other examples of employee management that were emerging in the US, in particular in Silicon Valley.

From the start we worked in a collaborative way, listening to the needs and suggestions of colleagues, continuously evolving the company organization to make it an increasingly pleasant context in which it would be nice to work.
In addition, the timely collection of information allowed us to bring out through the data, the positive and negative situations giving us the possibility of intervening where the trend was bad and rewarding the merit where an excellent result was highlighted.  

This approach has been rewarded in terms of productivity and corporate well-being, resulting in very low turnover. Not only that! The few people who left the company were the least in line with the company’s objectives.

This management has always been done with artisanal tools: we have never found a simple digital tool to interact with the team, through information and monitoring in real time of the main metrics.  Only in the USA did we begin to see something interesting but too distant from Italian and Latin culture.

The experience ended positively with the acquisition of the two societies from important players of the field, but at that point it emerged the will to create from our method a solution that all the companies could adopt obtaining the benefits that  we had been able to experience.

How did you launch Fluida HR Suite? Did you use crowdfunding campaigns? 

No crowdfunding campaign, there was a pre seed round of 400 thousand euros by a family and friends investment and the participation of some business angels.

How was Zucchetti acquisition born ? 

From the first moment we saw in Zucchetti the ideal partner for Fluida. Our solution is complementary to the services offered by the group and from this strong synergy we can generate a successful international project. Fundamental also the relationship of extreme trust and collaboration that has been established since the first moment with the management, which has led quickly to the closure of an agreement for an ambitious and stimulating common path.

Fluid: the naming is already very evocative, some curiosity about the final choice?

The meaning comes from the concept of “liquid workforce“: a powerful reinterpretation of how organizations do their work. We opted for this international name Fluida because it conveys the idea of something in continuous evolution but at the same time simple, something able to facilitate a process.

Future developments?

We are going to release a shift planning system that is just as simple as all the other services we offer. In addition, we want to continue to strengthen all the useful tools for companies that have staff both at home and remotely: after the pandemic, in fact, there is a new organizational standard worldwide.

Fun Fact: Do you also use FLUIDA HR Suite to manage your team?

Absolutely yes, we thought it for SMEs like ours: using it is a way to see for ourselves the tools that companies need – this point is very important to us, we also have a tool ( in which companies can leave their feedback about their needs.


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