iPhone 14 Pro Camera Tips and Tricks

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Tips and Tricks

By dayannastefanny

This year Apple has upgraded the camera with an improved Photon engine, action modes, and more. Check out the ever-expanding feature set of Apple‘s latest pro iPhones.

Taking photos with the volume button

Starting with the camera app controls, sometimes touching the screen isn’t ideal: a simple tap can shake the phone and blur photos without realizing it, so Apple solves this by allowing the volume buttons to be used as easy-access triggers, here’s how to get the best shot possible.

By default, pressing the volume up or volume down button will take a picture.

  1. Press and hold any button to start recording the video.
  2. Video recording stops as soon as you release the button.
  3. You can change this behavior by going to the settings.
  4. You can enable burst recording by going to Settings.
  5. When enabled, pressing, and holding the volume up button will start capturing burst shots.
  6. When you release the button, those photos will stop being taken.

Bonus controls.

The iPhone 14 Pro still has a night mode, which simulates the effect of slow shutter speeds. With a traditional camera, the longer you leave the shutter open, the lighter can reach the sensor, allowing you to take pictures in low light. The trick is that you can’t move the camera while taking pictures, so follow the steps below:

  1. Automatically activate night mode when a dark scene is detected.
  2. Adjust the shutter time according to the amount of movement between your phone and your subject.
  3. Press the night mode icon and slide it left or right to manually adjust the shutter speed, but again, if the phone moves too much, you will not be able to choose between 10, 15, or 30 seconds.

Note: On a hands-free iPhone, you can limit the shutter to 2-3 seconds, or a tripod mount allows the shutter to remain open for up to 30 seconds.

Fixes iPhone 14 camera bugs

The company says an update will be released next week, indicating that the fix has already been confirmed. The software fix is at least the second on the iPhone 14 so far, and on launch day, users were asked to update to iOS 16.0.1 to fix issues related to FaceTime activation.

The latest iPhone was released last Friday, and some users have complained about camera bugs on social media. This problem, which can also produce a rattling sound, is sometimes due to a malfunction of optical image stabilization hardware that uses third-party apps. The stabilization technology is designed to modify the camera system to compensate for the movements of your iPhone and prevent blurry images.

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