iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro: Uncertain Release Date

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro: Uncertain Release Date

By Valentina Tuta

Just a few days before the anticipated event, Apple fans are still waiting for the exact date and place where the launch of the new iPhone will take place, not to mention that there is also the possibility that it will be held virtually. Even so, according to the latest reports, September 7 will probably be the final date that the producers have decided for the launch.

In short, it has been quite a commotion trying to solve the enigma of the apple company, because since the second week of August, many of its collaborators have pronounced themselves on the matter, each one exposing reasons and theories more different than the previous one. So, what started as a small rumor has been growing like a snowball down the slope.

Recently, the last to give a “fixed” report on the matter was Mark Gurman, who, like his fellow analysts Max Weinbach and Ming-Chi Kuo, only corroborated September 7 as the date finally set by Apple, making both the press and the community of followers go crazy. Thus, the press theorized that, thanks to the Labor Day holiday in the United States, the tech giant had no choice but to postpone the event to Wednesday to provide a one-day buffer. 

So far, this hypothesis has not been ruled out by fans, because beyond the date, it has been quite a challenge to discover what the nature of the event will be. Many point to a completely virtual mode, even more so when the pandemic is still around the corner. However, considering the event will be held in June at Apple Park, most expect a replica of WWDC 2022, whose experience was hybrid.

Hence, many reliable Apple news outlets have bet on the latter theory, as, according to reports, the company has already started recording the keynote, a smart move so that, until the last minute, Apple can opt for a completely virtual event. Nonetheless, there is still the possibility that the keynote they are filming will be presented outdoors from an auditorium such as Apple Park, a fact that makes speculation about a second WWDC-like event gain more traction.terminals,

Also, it should be considered that, by common sense, moving the event to September 7 seems the most logical decision for the company, considering that during the month of August, sales of Apple products abruptly stop waiting for new models that are usually launched in the middle of the following month. So, doing it in the first week does not sound so far-fetched in terms of business practices.

Similarly, if we continue to analyze the situation, there are still reasons why September 7 is becoming more likely to be the official date. For example, if the launch is held on Wednesday the 7th, it would solve the problem of relocating staff and guests on a holiday. On the other hand, being a smaller event (as this time it will not have developers), it is likely that Apple Park would be the right place to launch it, as it opens the possibility of a hybrid event, perhaps with some biosecurity recommendations, but after all, of a face-to-face nature.

All in all, the date is still uncertain, but whether the event is live or virtual, and assuming it happens on Wednesday, September 7 at 10 a.m. Pacific time, it is most certain that all iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods Pro, will be put on sale on Friday, September 16.

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