Make better use of your Power Point

Make better use of your Power Point

By dayannastefanny

For several years, PowerPoint has become the best presentation program because it is easy to use and provides you with tools such as creative ideas so that you can make amazing presentations.

Remember also that the use of PowerPoint is not limited to business presentations, as it is common in educational and even personal matters. Having visual support helps to emphasize your message and keep your story flowing clearly, especially if you use creative PowerPoint ideas!

What are PowerPoint design ideas?

Simply put, the Design Ideas feature refers to a series of pre-designed presentations that are automatically generated and that you can find on the side of the program’s interface. This feature was implemented in 2013 and, to date, has continued to evolve to suit the tastes of its users.

This PowerPoint feature will allow you to create high-impact presentations, where the design becomes one more protagonist of your creativity. Therefore, below you will learn how to use PowerPoint design ideas to get the most out of this program option.

How to use PowerPoint 365 Designer?

Please note that PowerPoint 365 Designer connects to the Internet for download options, so you should check your connection before using it. It is also important that the slide you are working on has at least a title and other content, such as text, photos, images, etc.; therefore, the tool will have more details to show the design process.

  1. From the Home tab, locate the Designer option, which is usually accompanied by a magic wand icon. Note: If you are in the writing version it will appear as Design Ideas. Select it.
  2. A panel will open on the left side of the screen. If you are using this tool for the first time, a message will ask for permission to get the ideas. Select Activate or Go ahead.
  3. Some suggestions will automatically pop up showing you how you can display the information you have in different ways.
  4. If none of them convince you, scroll down and click on the “See more design ideas” button.
  5. Choose the one you like best to make the slide fit.

if your designer does not work this is what you could do

  • If you have slides with images and no design ideas are shown, try adding a title or some content to accompany the image and try to use a maximum of four photos per slide.
  • If you have slides with shapes or text boxes and no design ideas are shown, remember that the Designer cannot suggest shape ideas or drawn text boxes, try changing them to a normal text box.
  • If you are working with several people in the presentation and no design ideas appear, it is because it is very difficult for the program to process so many modifications at the same time. Once there is only one person editing, the Designer will offer new suggestions again.
  • If the Designer button is grayed out, it means that you are not connected to the Internet, or you have not selected a slide so far.
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