Marvel Snap’s Bundle Pricing

Marvel Snap’s Bundle Pricing

By camilaforero

Mobile gaming has come a long way in recent times, and Marvel Snap has been very good with their monetization scheme in this gaming world. And now we can find the first Marvel Snap patch of 2023 on the market.

This first patch of the game has an interesting set of buffs and nerfs that have been requested for a long time, and on top of that it also brings a new pack to the store, which is drawing the attention of many people who are fans of mobile games.

Purchases you can make in the game

For an experience that feels somewhat standard, you can spend $10 a month to qualify for that season’s new premium card or battle pass, which may be packed with premium prizes.

You can also spend gold to get fancy variants, that is, some card variants that feature the work of well-known artists like Alex Ross and Peach Momoko, and that are time-limited or may expire. 

Also, another option that you have is to spend money on gold, which is used to buy credits that cosmetically improve your cards in the game.


Depending on the cards you have, if the cards are upgraded you can earn collector levels which, as your level increases, reward you with newer and more powerful cards to use as you play. This may seem a bit like you buy cards to win, however, you can also win without buying gold or cards, you can just earn a lot of credits by completing missions, and as you go through levels you can also get premium gold.

If you want to play, it is not necessary or mandatory that you have to spend money to get fast cards, since the game gives you rewards as you play, therefore you can save money. Not like in other games, like Diablo Immortal for example, where you have to spend a lot of money to be able to advance in the game and get premium equipment.


In the Marvel Snap Bundle Shop, you can find bundles that are limited time, which include credits to upgrade cards/collector levels, the new currency tokens that can be used to purchase new cards, and also card variants.

However, some of these bundles are priced well beyond what one would reasonably expect to pay for premium products, which has caused players to complain about this as these types of games use “pay to win” tactics, which manages to annoy many players.

“For new players who want to jump right in, we’re releasing a one-time purchase, ‘Pro Bundle’ with 12,500 Credits and enough boosters to upgrade 8 cards from Common to Infinity,” this note was found in one of the last few patches, and its price is almost $100 US dollars.

This is not the first time something like this has happened with such high prices, in the winter holidays there were some packages that were $50 or even more expensive.

For many people who have seen these prices on the packages offered in the game, they feel uncomfortable and even annoyed since the prices that Marvel Snap asks for the packages are very expensive and not all players have the opportunity to buy them.

A while back there was a Spider-Man bundle that cost $20, which is totally reasonable and a more affordable price for players. Also the welcome pack of the game when it was first released in October was only $3 which was great and any player had the chance to buy it. Therefore, if the packs were $50 or less, it would be totally cool for players because it would be very affordable and they could buy it without any problem.

So what you’re seeing is that the gaming company is experimenting and figuring out the sweet spot between making money and delivering value to players. Since going from a $3 package to a $100 package is too much, the packages are quite common and not all players can afford them.

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