Meditacción: Anais Silva’s undertaking to live the conscious present

Meditacción: Anais Silva’s undertaking to live the conscious present

By carolc

A lifestyle that invites us to meditate on each action we execute and to live the conscious present is what the Venezuelan Anais Silva proposes with her undertaking “Meditacción.”

Today Anais resides in Spain and it is where she gives her workshops and conferences. We had the opportunity to share with this entrepreneur, to learn a little more about her projects and especially about her next e-book.

Hello Anais, thank you for giving us the opportunity to have this interview and to learn about your undertaking. Can you please explain to us, what does Meditacción consist of?

Meditacción arose after so many years of spiritual practices and meditations that frustrated me more and more, since beyond achieving the objective they made me feel more lost. After a lot of research I understood that to meditate is to be here and now at all times, and it was like this that for more than 8 years I have meditated on every action I take.

This led me to share my experience in different talks and conferences, training many people to live the conscious present.


Anais Silva


What is the goal of mindfulness and how can it benefit us?

The mindfulness goal is to live fully without distractions from the past that cause suffering, or from the future that cause anxiety.

Living with focus in the present takes us away from depression and anxiety. We can see life as it is without judgments or labels of past experiences. We can take conscious action without unnecessary drama.

What digital or technological tools have allowed you to run your workshops or talks?

Technology has been an indispensable resource to project my ventures. Social networks, virtual classrooms and WhatsApp have allowed me to get closer to people who are far away to connect, and thus carry my message.

If we use technology wisely and conscientiously, we can enjoy its infinite benefits. Technology is evolution to be used, not for it to use us.

Have you thought about taking your workshops to virtual mode?

Yes, I am currently working on the creation of my website to bring all my workshops to online mode. In the same way, my private sessions have been available for some time through my email, and the results have been very satisfactory.


Meditacción - training


Can technology help us stay connected to the present conscious? How?

Totally. Today any technological resource can help us meditate. There are applications to do it. I always recommend to my clients set alarms to remind them to breathe. Since we are so close to our mobiles, let’s use this alternative so that we get into the habit of remembering to live and bring ourselves to the here and now.

Reading an online book or admiring a photograph is a good object of attention, as long as our senses are aligned with the action. How many times do you find yourself liking photos without even looking at them?

How did the idea for your e-book come about? Do you already have a title? What will we find in it? When will it be available?

It arose from the need of those attending my talks and trainings, who asked for a manual to carry. And that’s how I decided to please them and in this way those who have not accessed the training can start their journey to the here and now.

The title is still under discussion. In the e-book you will find a simple and effective guide to living the conscious present day by day. No need for postures, travel to distant lands, wear white or change your religion.

This same year comes to light and they will be able to begin the journey towards balance between mind, body and spirit.

What will be the distribution mechanism for your e-book? How can we acquire it?

It will be distributed organically and closely online, via email. It will then be available on my website, and some copies will be printed for those who want to feel and smell its pages (like me).

What other projects do you have on your agenda for this year?

I will continue teaching face-to-face classes here in Spain and when I open my virtual classroom, all my courses will be in that format.

Likewise, it is planned to open my center for alternative therapies and sessions for emotional management, as well as to return to Meditacción trainings both online and in person.

Thank you very much Anais for offering us details of your undertaking and your projects. We will be waiting for your e-book.

If you wish to contact Anais, you can do so through the following means:

Instagram: shantianais82

Facebook: Anais Silva


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