“Mi espacio creativo”, the beautiful venture of Yuleny Coy

“Mi espacio creativo”, the beautiful venture of Yuleny Coy

By carolc

Yuleny Coy is a woman who like many decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, putting into practice new ideas and all her creative potential. Being a professional in the field of technology, Yuleny has known how to combine technological tools with her passion for crafts, and this is what has allowed the Venezuelan who today resides in Virginia – United States, to position herself in the market with her business called “Mi espacio creativo”.


Yuleny Coy


Hi Yuleny, thank you for sharing a bit of your time with us. Can you please tell us how did you enter the world of entrepreneurship and what challenges did you face?

Since I was a child I adored making crafts of any kind. I always loved creating something with my own hands, and my mind kept imagining what things I could create. I always gave details created by me on special dates to my friends, family, etc. That’s how I grew up, I grew up with this mindset. Nothing better than giving something made by you.

One day, working as a professional for a bank in 2008 with many tasks and responsibilities, I decided that I had to do more than work in technology. So I started painting on wood, making cards and everything I could think of as souvenirs.

Everything I created was published on Facebook, and that’s how I made myself known as a creative. Many friends began to commission me and since then I have not stopped. Then I created my page in 2010, and began to sell through different social networks, until one day I decided to put my professional life aside and dedicate myself solely to undertaking with my crafts.


Albúm - Mi espacio Creativo


This decision was made because at the time I had two jobs, every day I had more assignments, more clients and I did not have free time, I did not stop working and many times professional work consumed my energy, my creativity and that frustrated me. It was very clear that what I wanted was to work for me!

Challenges? A lot of! Go from being employed with a monthly payment to having to reinvent yourself to live. Going from working 40 hours a week for a bank to working 80 hours a week for me. But I always said when you work for you, not even Mondays take your smile away! So I quit the bank and my professional life and started a new lifestyle as a creative entrepreneur.

What is your business “Mi espacio creativo” about?

My venture is based on making unique items or products for celebrations, personalized gifts and everything that has to do with creative stationery.


Yuleny Coy - startupper


Clients always come to me when they have a special event. For example, the arrival of a baby, a celebration at home, or if you want to give something unique and personalized. I work making souvenirs for parties, or events, letter decorations, cards, invitations, Scrapbook souvenir albums, signature books and everything related to the craft world.

What makes your products special or different?

I consider that everything that is made by hand is special and different. They are not machine-made products, all the same and in series. You always have to put your creativity to 1000% to make a different, useful and attractive product for the public.

When creating or designing a product I always think a lot about how useful it will be, how it will generate happiness for the customer and how to make it special for him. That is why each product produced is unique and 100% personalized, according to the client’s needs. In addition, each creation represents a special feeling.

Most clients request a product to give as a gift, so I always try to adapt it to what he wants to give, and I try to generate the best emotions when the person receives that product.

My greatest happiness is receiving messages from the customer saying that he was delighted with the product!

What digital tools or software do you use for your creations?

I use photo and image editing programs, video editing and vector management software. These programs allow me to design, create and cut products on a cutting machine (Cricut Maker).


Mi espacio creativo


In addition, I use endless digital tools that help me to publish my creations on the networks, to make my products unique and to work more efficiently and with a better finish.

I use programs such as Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, WonderShare Filmora, Cricut’s Desing Space, and Silhouette Studio, among others.

What advantages have social networks brought you?

The biggest advantage is being able to create a community with people who love and have the same passion as you. Being close to people who love manually created products, as well as sharing with other very talented entrepreneur girls.

Being able to place your products on social networks allows you to give them national and international exposure, only with the use of technology. In an economical and versatile way, it allows you to shorten the distances between you and that potential buyer and consumer of your products, as well as simply being able to inspire other people with your projects.

You also share your creations and knowledge with your followers through workshops. Do you have a course schedule for 2021? What do you have in store for this new year?

Yes, I have given many workshops. Previously all of them face to face, now that is impossible, but I have tried to maintain that contact with my followers through platforms such as YouTube or Zoom.


Yuleny Coy - Navidad


All workshops are currently planned for YouTube for free. Through these workshops I give a little of my knowledge to my friends, to girls who have been consistent with my endeavor, and who feel inspired by what I do.

On the other hand, I find myself evaluating a platform that allows me to place my workshops in a dynamic way, and accessible to all, a friendly platform. This is one of my challenges and objectives for this year 2021, to be able to shape or carry my knowledge as an online workshop academy, either my own or in collaboration with some other company or undertaking.

Another project for this year is to be able to sell my products digitally or online. Being able to reach a broader market, using manual product sales platforms such as Etsy, among others.

Please let our readers know how they can contact you and where they can see your unique products.

I leave my social networks, my contact and everything about me, in case you like to visit me and see all my work that I publish daily:



Instagram: @mi.espacio.creativo



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