onEon Group, an idea born to support app developers around the world

onEon Group, an idea born to support app developers around the world

By carolc

A young and talented Venezuelan mobile app developer, is the entrepreneurial mind behind onEon Group. Juan Veloz has created this company with the idea of ​​helping other talents, who like him, want to publish their apps in the best stores in the world. Find out the story behind this digital endeavor.

Good afternoon Juan, thanks for sharing a bit of your time with us. Could you please tell us how did the idea of ​​onEon Group come about?

The idea came when I first wanted to publish an application in the Android store. At that time I realized that due to the situation in the country and the difficulties it presents, it is more difficult to acquire a developer account from the Google Play Store. One of the main difficulties I encountered was with the way to make the payment. After months of trying, I finally managed to get a developer account and publish the application I had already created “Just Bounce”.


onEon - Juan Veloz


Going through that entire process, I had an idea to assist anyone who wanted to publish their creation on the Google Play Store, helping them with the publishing process and saving them the cost of membership. This in order that they can fulfill their dreams despite the difficulties. That’s where our slogan “Bringing possibilites and fun” comes from, which in Spanish translates as “Trayendo posibilidades y diversión”.

The name “One Eon” refers to the god of Roman mythology “Eon”, the god of time and prosperity. Thus representing that our primary goal is to help developers around the world prosper. For its part, “One” refers to the number one (1), symbolizing that everyone in the group can prosper as a team and / or partners.

What is the marketing strategy you use?

Currently the marketing that we use most is through social media. We have our Instagram account, Facebook, our website, and our YouTube channel where we publish tutorials on how to do certain things in the applications.

We have also implemented in several applications, the possibility of sharing the users’ score with their friends, sending the application link together with the score.

The next step we have planned is to start using paid advertising on both Instagram and Facebook. This advertising will be focused on spreading our idea to people, and providing them with the support they require with their apps.


Go Trivia App


What kind of applications do they publish? Are they compatible with iOS and Android? Do they have to meet certain criteria?

We publish any application that people develop, from games to apps for specific tasks.

Of course, apps must meet the criteria established in Google policies to be published. They are also manually reviewed by us in order to verify that everything works correctly, and provide recommendations and ideas to the developer.

Currently we only manage apps compatible with Android, which we publish in the Google Play Store. However, we hope to soon expand to more stores such as the App Store for iPhone devices, and the Amazon application store.

What should app developers do to publish their creations with onEon Group?

The main thing is to contact us through any of our social networks or through our email.

After reaching an agreement on the idea, the application, its purpose and due review by our staff, the developer must proceed to provide us with the APK or APP BUNDLE to publish it in the Google Play Store. The art and images of the app for the Google Play Store were created by us, although the developer has every right to do it himself if he wishes.


Just Bounce App


What are the future projects that onEon Group has?

We look forward to connecting with a greater number of people and helping them make their ideas come true. Currently we want to obtain the license in the store of iOS devices, in order to expand our possibilities and horizons. New app ideas are always being submitted for future release.

What apps have published so far?

The applications that can be found in the Google store published by oneEon, are the following:

Just Bounce (Flappy Ball)

Bounce Bounce Bounce! Don’t stop bouncing and improve your reflexes in this addictive game. With 6 balls to bounce and more to come, waiting to test your skills.

CandyBasket Treats

Delicious sweets are raining! Can you put them in the correct basket before the time turns to zero? (Game created for @golosinas_ve)

Just Draw (Paint)

Do you need to make a quick drawing? This is your application, you can even use it to draw math problems, explain something with graphic content, etc.

Think of anything! YOU CAN DRAW IT, your imagination is the most powerful ability!

Go Trivia Gamer

Show that you are a true Gamer with this Popular Games quiz!

Just tap

How many times can you press the button in 15 seconds? JUST PRESS THE BUTTON! A time-limited game with which you will test how fast you can be. You have only 15 seconds to reach the highest possible score. What are you waiting for?

Just pop

Earn points by blowing up all the red balloons you can in this addicting game!

Go Trivia Movies (Superhero)

Show how much you know about Superheroes with this Popular Movies quiz!

Thanks Juan for sharing your time and your story with us.

If you are a mobile application developer, you can contact the onEon Group team through the following links:

Web site:



YouTube Channel


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