3 Mobile Apps every entrepreneur should use for productivity

3 Mobile Apps every entrepreneur should use for productivity

By carolc

Being an entrepreneur is no piece of cake. It’s as serious and demanding as running a country! As much as that could sound exaggerating, there are grains of truth in it. If well examined, it’ll be discovered it’s not a soft job to be an entrepreneur.

But on the brighter side, being an entrepreneur can be rewarding, satisfying and the biggest of it all – profitable. The real source of an entrepreneur’s generation of money is the solving of people’s problems.

An entrepreneur recognizes a problem, finds a solution to it, sell it out to those who need it, make their money and everyone is happy in the end! Isn’t that great?

You’ve got only 24 hours in a day to attend to all the tasks you have. Whether it’s convenient for you or not, your clients don’t really care. What they want is production and your delivery. That’s all. No excuses. It might sound harsh, but that’s how things are.

Do you want to handle your daily tasks efficiently, conveniently and productively? Then you need to step up some bars your game some bars high.

In this article, we will be checking out 3 essential mobile apps you’ll need as an entrepreneur. Ready? Let’s explore!

1. Pocket

Making research is a good trait to have as an entrepreneur. It exposes you to valuable information and experiences that can be of help to your business. Gone are the days it is difficult to get access to resources that can be beneficial to your business.

Thanks to technology, you now have multiple apps that can help you get information you need without any stress. In fact, most of these apps are free, easy to use and have great user-interface.

If you want an app that’ll assist you in saving up images, posts, articles and videos for later use, then the best app for you is the Pocket app. In your research, you might come across the profiles of successful entrepreneurs.

You can learn a lot by taking note of essential information such as how they started their business, the challenges they encountered, how they were solved, the strategies used in gaining ground in the competitive market, and so on. You’ll definitely learn a lot.

It is however possible you may not be chanced to read these details as calmly and patiently as you’ll want to. In scenarios like this, the automatic alternative people often subscribe to is “bookmark”. You can use bookmarks too. But the problem with this is that you may end up not checking what you’ve bookmarked.

Why? Well, it’s because you probably must have bookmarked other hundreds of unchecked bookmarks. Adding more to the mix will further increase the chances of not revisiting your saved up files.

Pocket app is an excellent app for all your “Save it for later” files. It is a handy app every entrepreneur should have. With Pocket app, you can save as much as 1500 mobile apps with web browsers having plug-in features.

In addition, Pocket app allows you to access your saved files with any device, even without an Internet connection!

2. Mint

The backbone of every business is the starting capital. Many people desire to venture into one business or the other, but the hindrance to their entrepreneurial dream is financial constraint.

Financial constraint is not only a problem to would-be entrepreneurs, it is also a big challenge to many start-uppers. But this shouldn’t scare you off. Technology has ways of solving problems. It’s got one for this problem. The solution is encapsulated in the Mint app!

Being an entrepreneur demands you have a strong and disciplined mode of handling your money. If you’re loose on this aspect, your business will drain off the rail in no time. You need to efficiently manage your budget and make good financial decisions. You can do all this with the use of Mint app.

Furthermore, Mint collates all your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and bills. The analysis of all this gives you a clear view of your financial position. It is good to know how you spend, how you save, and how you receive.

While you can do this on your own, Mint app will do the job better. Besides, some errors can come from your side if you’re not careful. You may not be able to cover up for everything perfectly. However, Mint app will cover up all your financial tracks seamlessly. It’ll leave no stone unturned!

If you are an entrepreneur with a strong financial sense, Mint app is a highly recommendable app for your business.

3. Evernote

The mystery behind big and successful business is ideas and innovations! People like it when your business has something unique and exceptional. And they’ll patronize your services because of that uniqueness your brand has.

The funny part of ideas is that they can spring up when you least expect it. You might be watching a movie or even eating your lunch when a brilliant idea will just hit you hard from nowhere!

You may not be with a pen and book to note it down. Another funny thing about such innovative ideas is the way they vanish. If you don’t note them somewhere, you may forget them later. Such lost ideas can be the stepping stone to the uplifting of your brand forever. Why lose them when you can save them with Evernote app?

If you have a personal business diary, that’s great. You can add the Evernote app to be your digital diary. After all, you’ll always be with your smartphone than you’ll be with your personal diary. This is why you should consider adding Evernote to your list of must-have apps.

Furthermore, Evernote can be rightly dubbed as a “life managing” app. The app has different features that help in managing your ideas. Some of them include collection of ideas in different formats, attachment of doc and images, scanning and commenting on business cards, and brainstorming of innovative ideas with others.


The entrepreneurial world is a zone for doing things right. You can’t afford to drop in form. You must always be at the top of your game.

Fortunately, it’s very easy and comfortable to scale up your business with the use of helpful mobile apps. You can check out the apps mentioned in this article for a fresh productive experience.

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