Meet SmileDirectClub’s Electric Toothbrush

Meet SmileDirectClub’s Electric Toothbrush

By carolc

SmileDirectClub has been separating value hindrances in oral medical care since 2014 with its unmistakable aligner program and rave-surveyed line of teeth-brightening units and frill. A rotating brush with the entirety of the advantages of its significantly more-costly rack mates however at a small amount of the expense was the intelligent subsequent stage.

This prospective, most loved, and one of a kind toothbrush incorporates all the chimes and fibers – without the significant expense. Its interesting 3-bristle mix delicately scours and profoundly cleans your teeth so much better than a manual toothbrush, with a quadrant clock to control in any event, brushing for what it’s worth. The brush is angled in such a way that it reaches the farthest of the teeth, molar actually. The tongue scraper is there too, to say goodbye to bad breath.

The toothbrush – an overview 

Your prospective most loved toothbrush incorporates all the ringers and fibers without the significant expense. Its superior plan will make you grin with savvy highlights start to finish. A one of a kind 3-bristle mix delicately scours and profoundly cleans your teeth half better than a manual toothbrush, all while rubbing your gums. The calculated brush head can reach even the shyest molar, and the tongue scrubber will assist you with saying bye-bye to terrible breath. This toothbrush is anything but difficult to utilize, as well. It has one mode: On, and a quadrant clock that manages an in any event, brushing in general. It’s calm, also sonic vibrations beat the fibers, not your hand, so you won’t wake your accomplice or your little guy while you’re brushing.

Germaphobes, dread not: Our handle has a clever enemy of move highlight, so the brush won’t turn over onto your ledge.

Wrapped up brushing: Our flexible 3-in-1 case goes about as an attractive mirror mount, counter stand, and travel cover to keep you smiling on the go.


  • Cleans 50% better than an ordinary, manual toothbrush
  • Quiet sonic vibrations move bristles, not your hand
  • Versatile 3-in-1 case acts as a counter stand, magnetic mirror mount, and travel cover
  • Angled brush head on one side, tongue scraper on the other
  • Unique 3-bristle blend softly scrubs, gently cleans, and massages gums
  • 30-second quadrant timer guides brushing for 2 minutes total
  • Available in Blurple and Graphite brushed metal
  • One mode for easy use
  • AAA battery included
  • Replacement brush head, including battery, available separately to switch out every 3 months



  • Remove the existing brush head by twisting counterclockwise.
  • Put on the new brush head by twisting clockwise.
  • To replace the battery, hold the brush handle with one hand and twist the middle portion (the part with the “On” button) counterclockwise. Lift up and slide the battery in or out.

Mirror mount:

  • Peel off the film from the strips on the bottom of your case. They won’t feel sticky.
  • Only apply to a smooth and dry surface. It won’t stick if there’s any moisture.
  • Clean the strips with soap and water if they get dirty. But let them dry before using again.

Travel case:

  • The case is made of two parts that click together and can be opened. To open, hold the top of the case with one hand, put your finger in the opening at the back, and pull apart.
  • Snap your brush head into the base of the case.
  • To close, place the cover of the case on top and push to click.

A superior method to brush

Lift your oral consideration routine with our rotating brush. It has all the ringers and fibers of other oscillating brushes without the significant expense. Our creative plan incorporates a calculated brush head on one side with a tongue scrubber on the other, in addition to a special 3-bristle mix that delicately scours and profound cleans your teeth – half better than a manual toothbrush.* The 30-second quadrant clock directs in any event, brushing beginning to end for an entire 2 minutes, and calm sonic vibrations move bristles – not your hand. The 3-in-1 case goes about as a mirror mount, stand, or toothbrush cover. It’s the ideal rotating brush for grown-ups and kids. Accessible in Blurple and Graphite brushed metal.

Uniqueness in design

The SmileDirectClub Electric Toothbrush head has an interesting 3-bristle mix to delicately scour away plaque and trash, while tenderly cleaning and rubbing your gums without scouring them into downturn, which is anything but difficult to do with a manual toothbrush. The brush head is calculated to permit admittance to even the uttermost recessed molars and incorporates a tongue scrubber to shield you from awful breath.

Keep in mind, SmileDirectClub began with its own personal reasonable aligner framework. You realize their toothbrush was planned considering oral apparatuses, and their Club Edition Electric Toothbrush accompanies a head explicitly made to work around aligners.

There’s just one cleaning mode, which is extraordinary in case you’re similar to us and effectively confounded by the different settings of some top of the line rotating brushes. (What about Brush Mode? What else do you need?) And the 30-second quadrant clock reminds you to change starting with one piece of your mouth then onto the next until your suggested two minutes are finished.


Use AAA antacid batteries as it were. Oversee use by youngsters and people with diminished physical, tangible, or mental abilities. End use if any portion of this item seems harmed. Counsel dental specialist or doctor on the off chance that you experience huge dying, uneasiness, torment, or clinical concerns. Lowering in water may harm the item. Supplant brush head like clockwork or sooner; else, it might prompt breakage and injury. Flush altogether after each utilization.

The verdict

It’s difficult to perceive how an oscillating brush made by a forefront oral wellbeing organization like SmileDirectClub, which comes in at no one but $25, can be something besides a fabulous arrangement. You can finally replace that disposable plastic toothbrush, which is also horrible for the environment with this environment-friendly, easy-to-use toothbrush.

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