6 ways of using WhatsApp to promote your business

6 ways of using WhatsApp to promote your business

By carolc

As far as social media platforms are concerned, WhatsApp ranks among the biggest social media apps in the tech world. Bought by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014, WhatsApp is among the fastest-growing social media messaging services.

In January 2015, over half a billion of active users on WhatsApp. These subscribers make use of WhatsApp to share millions of photos and videos on a daily basis. And the number of files and contents shared on WhatsApp keeps growing every single day.

What’s more, WhatsApp is becoming the replacement for SMS, as well as the primary mode of communication for millions of people across the globe. With the user-friendly feature of WhatsApp on mobile devices, using the social media app is very easy and cool.

With such buzzing activities going on WhatsApp, it is only a smart move to optimize the social media platform for the promotion of your business in 2020. To the big-picture question of the day, “how can you use WhatsApp to promote your business?”

In this article, we will be checking out six workable ways of promoting your business with the use of WhatsApp.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Real-time customer service

Business is set up to satisfy the needs of its potential customers. Aside from this, your business has to reach out to customers and attend to their questions. When your business does this, it’s providing real-time customer service.

To be frank, providing real-time customer service is not an easy task, especially for small businesses. But with WhatsApp, giving real-time customer service is made possible, easy and cost-effective. You can answer your customers as quickly as possible and even get their feedback.

In addition, WhatsApp gives you a multiple means of creating contents to be sent to your customers. You can send texts, audio or videos. The end product is to ensure you attend to your customers in the best way possible. When you do it well, you’re promoting your brand.


Customer feedback is as vital as your sale. It gives you customers’ perspective of your business, and allows you to know strong and weak points. Without such important information from your customers, you may not perfectly know how to navigate your business in a way that will meet up with the taste of your potential customers.

WhatsApp is a great social media app you can use to get customers’ feedback. With WhatsApp becoming the primary mode of communication for many, you can create a WhatsApp group, drop questions there to get relevant answers that can help your business. This is a marketing research that is cost-effective and encompassing.

In addition, the feedback you get from your customers will enable you to give a matching response to their requests, as well as improve your products and services delivery. You can create engaging and entertaining questionnaires to receive feedback from your customers. It’ll really help in promoting your business.

Personal touch

In the business world, nothing is as cool as having healthy relationships with customers. And as far as that is concerned, the place of communication is very crucial. It can’t be shoveled down the rug. You need to create time to have communication with your customers.

Aside from WhatsApp group messages, you can go the extra mile of communicating with your customers personally. Some of your customers may not like group communication. This is why you need to create time for direct one-on-one communication space for your customers.

In doing this, you should however bear something in mind, and that is privacy. You can always ask for permission from your customers before chatting with them privately. If this is not possible, you can use friendly messages to clear off any negative reaction from some customers.

Demo your product

Whatever products or services your business offers, you can have them displayed for your customers to see on your status. WhatsApp is an excellent avenue for you to display your new inventories. You can send pictures of your goods, make videos of them and have them posted on your status.

The more customers see your goods, the more they’ll be reminded of your brand’s existence. Even if they don’t need what you offer presently, or probably they don’t have the cash yet, they’ll keep your business in mind. In fortunate situations, they can even refer people to you.

Collaborate with businesses and partner with influencers

WhatsApp groups are like baskets holding loads of people. Business promotion has a lot to do with making the business known to as many people as possible. Optimizing others’ WhatsApp groups will help in growing your business.

Of course, not all WhatsApp groups are traffic-generating. To have the best, you should have partnership with other businesses and social media influencers. These brands can promote your business on their statuses and groups. You never know, your potential customers can come across your brand’s products in these groups or statuses aforementioned.

Furthermore, influencers are very important in business promotion. Influencers are personalities that build an audience that trusts them. If they promote your brand’s products and services, people can trust your brand and try out what you offer.

Special Access

WhatsApp Status gives you the chance to make live videos of what’s going on around you. If there’s any spectacular event you’d like to capture, making use of your WhatsApp status will greatly help you out.

For instance, if you own a music store and a popular musician or instrumentalist is in your store, you can capture the moment and share it with your audience. This alone can capture the heart of your customers to consult your brand.


Giving out gifts to your customers is another great way of strengthening your relationship with them. Your customers can actually afford what you are giving them. That goes without saying. But that doesn’t mean they will not appreciate your gift.

People like giveaways. You may be surprised that you can convert a lot of people to your permanent customers just because of your giveaways. Doing this can promote your business in better ways beyond your imagination.


WhatsApp is a business tool app you can use to turn your business around for good! What’s more, a large percentage of your customers are on WhatsApp. We can even be bold enough to say all of your customers are (most probably) on WhatsApp. It’s 2020!

WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers in a fast and cost-effective way. Do you want to promote your business? Then start optimizing WhatsApp today!

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