My AI: Discover the Artificial Intelligence on Snapchat

My AI: Discover the Artificial Intelligence on Snapchat

By Luca Fanicchia

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has revolutionized the way people communicate, share moments, and explore the online world. With its unique approach of disappearing images and videos, it has captured the attention of millions of users worldwide. However, Snapchat has not stopped at temporary content sharing; over the years, it has introduced many innovative features to enhance the user experience. The latest addition, and another potential revolution, is My AI, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to our chats.

What is My AI and how does it work?

My AI represents a new frontier of artificial intelligence within the Snapchat ecosystem. It is an intelligent chatbot that uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze, process, and enhance the platform’s user experience. My AI relies on user data and learns from individual behaviors to provide personalized and interactive services.

The chatbot was initially available in experimental mode for Snapchat Plus subscribers in the United States only. However, this limitation has long been lifted, and now all users can access My AI for free without a Snapchat+ subscription.

In addition to creating personalized filters, My AI also offers intelligent labels. This functionality relies on AI-driven image processing to recognize specific objects, faces, or locations within user-shared content. Once recognized, relevant labels are automatically applied to enrich the viewing experience and facilitate the search for related content.

Another area where My AI stands out is the use of advanced Augmented Reality (AR) effects. This technology combines artificial intelligence and virtual reality to provide interactive and engaging experiences. Users can apply sophisticated AR effects to their photos and videos, transforming the surrounding environment into a virtual experience. My AI detects and adapts AR effects in real-time, ensuring extraordinary and surprising results.

In the rest of the article, we will delve into how to access My AI on Snapchat and how to utilize its various features. We will guide you step-by-step to fully leverage the potential of this innovative technology.

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My AI Features on Snapchat and How to Use Them:

  1. Creating personalized filters:

    • Access the My AI section in Snapchat’s settings.
    • Select Create Personalized Filters to begin.
    • Choose from the available options to customize your filter: text, stickers, graphics, etc.
    • Utilize My AI’s artificial intelligence for suggestions and customization options.
    • Once the filter is created, apply it to your photos or videos before sharing.
  2. Intelligent labels:

    • In the My AI section, select Intelligent Labels.
    • Upload or capture a photo or video for automatic analysis.
    • My AI’s artificial intelligence will recognize objects, faces, or specific locations within the content.
    • Relevant labels will be automatically applied.
  3. Advanced AR effects:

    • Navigate to the My AI section and select Advanced AR Effects.
    • Choose from the available AR effects.
    • Apply the selected AR effect to your photo or video. My AI’s artificial intelligence will adapt and modify the effect in real-time.
    • Explore different AR effects to transform the surrounding environment.
  4. Creative suggestions:

    • In the My AI section, you will also find the Creative Suggestions feature.
    • Access this option to receive personalized suggestions for content creation.
    • My AI’s artificial intelligence will analyze your style and provide recommendations based on your preferences.
    • Experiment with My AI’s creative suggestions to enhance the quality of your photos and videos on Snapchat.
  5. Machine Learning:

    • My AI on Snapchat is constantly learning.
    • The artificial intelligence analyzes your behaviors, preferences, and interactions within the platform.
    • As you use My AI, you will notice that its recommendations and suggestions become increasingly accurate and personalized.
    • The machine learning of My AI ensures an optimized and relevant experience for each user.
  6.  Chatting with My AI:
    • My AI is a chatbot available for continuous conversation.
    • The artificial intelligence constantly learns and adapts to your tastes and preferences.
    • The AI can suggest ideas, write texts and poems, plan trips, and much more.

In addition to all these features, My AI also allows targeted ads within specific chats, customizing the advertising experience for a diverse range of audiences.

But how do you access My AI? Let’s find out together.

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How to access the chatbot?

Go to the Snapchat app and open the Chat tab. Above your conversations, you will see My AI. Swipe right from the Camera screen to access the Chat screen. Remember that the chatbot is still in the experimental phase, and some features are limited to Snapchat Plus subscribers.

Advanced options

Using My AI in its default form is straightforward, but if you want further customization, here’s what you can do:

  • Update Snapchat: Ensure that you have the latest version of the Snapchat app installed on your device. Open the app store (App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices) and check for Snapchat updates. Update the app to the latest available version.
  • Log in to your Snapchat account: Open the Snapchat app on your device and log in using your credentials. If you don’t have a Snapchat account, you can create one by following the instructions provided during the registration process.
  • Navigate to the settings: Once logged in, tap on the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen. You will be directed to your profile page. From here, tap on the gear icon to access the app’s settings.
  • Find the My AI section: Scroll down within Snapchat’s settings until you find the section labeled My AI. Tap on this section to access the various features offered by My AI.
  • Explore My AI features: Once inside the My AI section, explore the different available features. You may find options like “Creating Personalized Filters,” “Intelligent Labels,” or “Advanced AR Effects.” Tap on each feature to learn more and activate them if necessary.
  • Configure My AI features: Some My AI features may require initial configuration for full utilization. For example, if you want to create personalized filters, you may need to provide some information and follow specific instructions for creation. Follow the instructions provided within each section to properly configure My AI features.

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How do I remove My AI?

If you want to disable or remove My AI from your Snapchat experience, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Go to the settings by tapping on the gear icon.
  4. Scroll down to find the “My AI” section.
  5. Within the My AI section, locate the option to disable or remove My AI.
  6. Follow the provided instructions to disable or remove My AI from your account.

It’s important to note that the steps to disable or remove My AI may vary slightly depending on the Snapchat app version and any updates or changes made to the app’s settings. If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions, I recommend consulting the app’s support section or referring to official resources provided by Snapchat for further guidance.

The future of Snapchat?

In conclusion, My AI on Snapchat represents a significant evolution in the use of artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience on the platform. Through features like creating personalized filters, applying intelligent labels, and utilizing advanced AR effects, My AI offers users the opportunity to express themselves in a unique and engaging way.

However, it is important to note that, despite its power, My AI is still in the experimental phase. Some features are limited to Plus users, and the chatbot, as stated by the company, tends to easily get confused and provide disorganized responses. It also has limitations in image recognition, security, and browser integration.

Speaking of security, yes, My AI records your chats. You can delete them at any time, but some people may not appreciate such a feature. Snapchat has good protection in place, but if you prefer not to rely on the service’s memory for your chats, you can follow the necessary steps to remove My AI from your feed.

That being said, the potential of My AI is remarkable, especially in the field of personalized advertising for various audiences. With ongoing developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can expect My AI on Snapchat to evolve even further in the future. This could involve additional advanced features, greater customization, and an even more engaging experience for users.

Ultimately, My AI on Snapchat is just the beginning of what artificial intelligence can offer in the realm of visual content sharing. With constant technological progress and ongoing innovation, we can be certain that My AI on Snapchat and similar applications will continue to revolutionize how we create, share, and experience digital content.