Nanoleaf Shapes, a new way to illuminate spaces

Nanoleaf Shapes, a new way to illuminate spaces

By carolc

The Nanoleaf Shapes light boards are hexagon shaped tiles that associate together like custom unique pieces, pair to your voice collaborator of decision and give a solid portion of uproar to an exhausting work-from-home arrangement. With all their brilliance, the exposure, contrast and saturation settings, shading and music modes like beating, these mountable boards are not less than any of the best modern lights around. Such beautiful looking panel lights, I must say. They clearly are less pragmatic than the other hue lights or the filament bulbs. However, they lift the mood so much that you feel quite comfortable sitting there.

Now let’s see how it is set up and what is in the kit. Obviously for controlling the settings we must download an application named Nanoleaf Smarter Series. It is available on both Android and iOS, so there is no compatibility issue. The Layout Assistant feature will assist you with envisioning your tile arrangement, on the off chance that you don’t have a plan about how to fix it up.

Setting it up

Its starter pack goes with seven hexagonal tiles, a power connector control association and connectors for confounding the pieces together in an arrangement deliberately.

To set it up, join the linkers side to side. Then you will have to remove the covering from the back side, now carefully and gently stick it to the wall. Just one thing should be kept in mind that the panels are connected to one another, so you must join them meaning no gaps should be left whatsoever. Otherwise, it won’t work at all.

Nanoleaf has concocted an exceptionally straightforward mounting arrangement that is anything but difficult to do all alone. You can mount it and arrange it in likely around 15 minutes only. You can use a leveler for fixing up the first hexagon shaped tile, yet it is not really needed, as the shapes look extraordinary regardless of whether they are mounted irregularly or off-level comparative with the dimensions of the room and its surroundings.

Where can you use it?

You can fix it up anywhere! Literally Anywhere. If you are making a home theatre or a gaming zone for yourself, using them will enhance the ambience. The Music studios, the acting communities, the content creators, or even your formal office could be fixed anywhere as a colorful wall. Gyms, Yoga, or other health clubs might mount them up on their walls. Not only you can mount them on walls but on the ceilings as well.


Consolidate with Other Shapes 

Hexagons are the principal ever particular light boards planned with Connect+ innovation to work with various future shapes to make a totally dazzling mosaic of light. (Works inside the Shapes line. Not viable with Rhythm Light Panels or Canvas.)

Contact Enabled Experiences 

Contact the light squares with your palm and watch the Scene respond progressively. Control the lights or even play intelligent touch games with the palm of your hand.

Nanoleaf Screen Mirror 

With Screen Mirror, your on-screen action is reflected onto your lights – taking your diversion past the screen for a total multi-tactile experience. Screen Mirror is controllable utilizing the new Nanoleaf Desktop App.

Watch the lights move to your preferred music! 

The underlying Rhythm Module responds to music of all sorts progressively. It detects sound and changes it into shading and light for a shocking constant general media show. Attempt Pulse Pop Beats Rhythm Scene to rejuvenate your main tunes.

Make Any Design with Modular Light Panels! 

Let your creative mind run free. Construct your plan to stick out or mix in. Piece the boards together into any ideal shape. Investigate diverse board formats with the Layout Assistant in the Nanoleaf App and review them in your room utilizing the AR include.

Browse More Than 16 Million Colors! 

16M+ tones with 1200K-6500K white light temperature reach and splendor control. You pick – fresh, clean white light to zero in on a venture or delicate warm white to peruse your preferred book before sleep time. Nanoleaf’s select Layout Detect innovation empowers shading activities to stream wisely between boards dependent on your format.

Customize and Control Your Lighting! 

Completely tweak your lighting inside the free Nanoleaf App (Android and iOS), make Scenes, Playlists, set timetables, or download/share your Scenes with the client network. Control utilizing your voice through Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT, and then some.

The Easiest Smart Controls Ever

With Touch Actions, wipe out additional means of opening, swiping and taking advantage of your telephone’s application. With a solitary push on the board, your Nanoleaf lights are set to the Relax Scene, the remainder of your lights faint down, and a fan and oil diffuser turn on.


Nanoleaf Shapes is a champ in our eyes on account of how well it adjusts. Each progression of the experience is adaptable, beginning with the underlying format and finishing any place your light-adoring creative mind takes you. The product arrangement anyway can be somewhat more flighty, likewise Nanoleaf is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.

After the basic sharp home affiliation that said you can completely avoid the canny home part and essentially use the physical controller to adjust your panels, which we undeniably appreciate. At a comparable time, we can esteem the Nanoleaf application which has an enormous measure of different presets similarly as a studio to make your own models.

You may have maintained a strategic distance from any dangers with your hexagon plan, anyway you can bet any person who walks around your window is intrigued about the rave happening inside. Their Rhythm highlights want to have a living, moving electric stylistic theme component, and the overall example and even encompassing lighting modes are largely wonderful increments to any room that dazzle without feeling excessively geek or overpowering of different parts of your home plan and decorations.

Regardless of the way that the over the top cost tag of these specific tiles may seem, by all accounts, to be ludicrous, especially for an extravagant thing. However, on the off chance that great light brings you bliss or will cause telecommuting somewhat less exhausting to consider adding Nanoleaf shape to your space.


The Nanoleaf Hexagons are an awesome expansion to the Nanoleaf setup, and we believe they’re the model that is generally prone to interest and a lot more extensive client base when contrasted with the organization’s current alternatives. we for one didn’t anticipate being that enormous an aficionado of Nanoleaf by and large we would never been more than somewhat inspired by their contributions previously. In any case, when we fueled on the Hexagon, we were stunned at the amount we felt like they improved the style of the space.

They order an excessive cost versus conventional lighting, however when you factor in their shrewd highlights, they’re a decent incentive regarding bringing something exceptional and profoundly close to home into your home’s look and feel.

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