Netflix Movies You Must Watch

Netflix Movies You Must Watch

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The clock is ticking, and we are just a step away from the new productions that will arrive on Netflix. The proposal is wide and although there are novelties, they also opened a space for nostalgia with a film saga that is linked to one of the biggest successes of the platform. As well as the new adventure of one of the screenwriters and directors who took one of his series with Netflix to the status of world reference. These are the productions to watch in the third month of 2023.

Netflix Movies March 2023

  1. Crimes of the Academy

A historical thriller starring Christian Bale, Gillian Anderson, and Robert Duvall in abundant supporting roles. A decent budget reflected in a good production, an Edgar Alan Poe-like plot starring Edgar Alan Poe. With these ingredients, you could get really bad, then you didn’t make it to this list of good Netflix movies. But to be fair, all of these things are placed by trade, but without magic. So, the movie works as a dense, baroque allusion-it’s about investigating ritualistic murders at the New York Military Academy in 1830-but its intensity is only formal.

  1. The Last Man on Earth – March 1

Liliana is the dream of many of her colleagues. Piquiña is one of them. an ugly, ordinary charlatan who, convinced of her irresistible attraction, sets out to win her over during the company’s Christmas novena celebration. Liliana, who cannot stand Piquiña, makes it clear to him that the only way to be with him would be if he were the last man on earth.

  1. It’s You – March 3

Javier (Álvaro Cervantes) has the “power” to, after a kiss, see the future of a relationship. After several failures, his path crosses that of Lucía (Silvia Alonso), with whom he sees himself married and having a family. The only problem, and more important, is that she is the partner of his best friend Roberto (Gorka Otxoa).

  1. Far away – March 8

Zeynep Altin is tired of life and decides to flee Munich. Thanks to the house on an island in Croatia that she received as an inheritance from her mother, the woman will embark on a journey in search of peace. However, she will run into the rude islander Josip, who still lives on the property.

  1. He found what he was looking for – March 10

Ex-talk show host Enrique Guerrero (Alvaro Guerrero) will take a job as a bagger at a supermarket to attend the anniversary of the radio station he worked at years ago. But, the real reason behind it is to reunite with the love of his life.

  1. Luther: Nightfall – March 10

Following the success of the Luther series, this new film follows Detective John Luther (Idris Elba), who has managed to escape from prison. He is now preparing for a mission to catch a ruthless serial killer.

  1. Money Shot: The Pornhub Story – March 15

A documentary exploring the history of one of the Internet’s most lucrative and obscure businesses. We’re talking about the sex video site Pornhub, which has been implicated in a conspiracy of data filtering, sex trafficking and publishing sex videos without consent. From porn actresses to the people involved in the scandal. This documentary tells the multimillion-dollar story of a business that garners much of the Internet’s traffic.

  1. The Magician’s Elephant – March 17

A determined boy accepts a challenge to complete three impossible tasks in exchange for a magical elephant that will help him fulfill his destiny. The story follows an orphan boy named Peter (Noah Jupe) who loses his sister at an early age. Peter has always wanted to meet his sister again. She, however, has been lost since she was an infant. Both of his parents died in the war, and a stern old soldier has been taking care of Peter ever since. On a special day, Peter goes to the market to buy a small fish and some stale bread. What Peter and the soldier eat for dinner every night. Instead of buying dinner Peter spends his money to buy a fortune teller to answer his lifelong question. He asks, “Where can I find my sister?” and the fortune teller’s answer is, “Follow the elephant”.

  1. The Shadow King – March 17

After the death of their father, the two half-brothers find themselves on opposite sides in a conflict that escalates and has tragic consequences. Watch all you want. Black drama starring Kaarisen, Alassane Diong (“Father and Soldier”), and Assa Sylla (“Girl”).

  1. Mystery in Sight – March 31

Deciding to become full-time detectives, Nick and Audrey opened an agency together to solve cases. However, neither of them imagined that the first case they would have to solve would be that of disappearance during a friend’s wedding. The detectives, who proved to be very talented in such a short time on the job, arrive in Paris and continue their efforts to find the truth there.

  1. Boksoon Must Die – March 31

Boksoon Must Die is a 2023 South Korean thriller film written and directed by Byung Sung-hyun and starring Jeon Do-Yeon, Sol Kyung-gu, Esom, and Koo Kyo-hwan. Boksoon seems like a completely normal woman, even a bit duller than the others. However, she hides a dark secret: she lives two lives at once. During the day, she is a teenage model. But at night, she becomes one of the most legendary assassins in the MK office. But it’s not easy to combine these two aspects of his life. So he refuses to do the work assigned to him and trouble begins to surround him.

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