New Rumors Tease the Avatar

New Rumors Tease the Avatar

By eduardogaitancortez

In 2005, several were fascinated with the chronicle of Avatar: The Legend of Aang and in 2012, the story returned with The Legend of Korra. Today in 2025 a totally new series would be preparing. According to the Avatar News portal, Paramount and Avatar Studios are already developing an entirely new Avatar animated series after the events of Aang and Korra.

Continuing with the tradition of consensus with history, this new series of the new Avatar would take place in the Earth Kingdom. Continuing the reincarnation period of the Avatar. According to the information, this new Avatar series that would premiere in 2025, would do so directly at Paramount.


Apparently, this new story would take place 100 years after the events of Korra. Continuing the reincarnation period of the master of all resources. However, as they are rumors, the name or design of the next Avatar that would continue the line of succession of Aang and Korra has not yet been revealed.

Similarly, it has not been revealed who will be within the creative team for the new Avatar series that would arrive in 2025. For which it is rumored that in this new Avatar series, Michael di Martino and Brian Konietzo, who led Avatar Studios and were the creatives of the previous series, would be related. Avatar was one of the most beloved animated series by the public. That’s both for its drawings and for the story and development of its characters.

While the sequel to The Last Airbender was not as well liked with the Korra narrative. But that does not mean that many did not appreciate a new installment of the entire animated world of Avatar. For this reason, the prospect of a new Avatar story being told, even if now by Earthrealm, excites fans.

Important News

It should be said that also in 2025, supposed date where the new Avatar series will premiere, an animated film will arrive with Aang and his friends already grown up. In addition to the live action series on Avatar that Netflix plans, this being a remake for The Last Airbender and will be released in 2023.

Much had been said about a possible story about Kyoshi, one of the legendary Avatars of the Earth Kingdom that appeared in Aang’s story. It even has its own graphic history. However, according to rumors, which should be taken with a grain of salt, this new series would not focus on the Avatar’s past, but on the future, just as it happened with Korra. Of course, although everyone longs to forget it, M.

Past experience

Night Shyamalan brought to the big screen a more than failed habituation. The Last Master of the Wind  has been torn apart by fans and critics alike, who harshly attacked the lack of plurality in the cast, the lack of depth and the dismal performances. If this fatal experiment was due to anything, it has been to teach that not everything can be carried out in live action, however it will be Netflix who confirms the rule or becomes the enormous exclusion.

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