Netflix’s ‘Glass Onion’ Murder Mystery Experience

Netflix’s ‘Glass Onion’ Murder Mystery Experience

By camilaforero

Prior to the release of this film on Netflix, events were held that were attended by many cultural influencers and members of the media and entertainment industry, as well as members of Monáe’s black and LGBTQ+ community. These events focused on making an immersive experience as if they were in the movie “Glass Onion”, where they had a dinner with a wide variety of dishes and drinks, where at the end they had to unmask a murderer.

The events were mainly held in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Also Monáe and the star Kate Hudson were part of this event where they participated in dinner and drinks while enjoying the night finding the murderer.

The Invitation

For the event, the guests received an invitation very similar to that of the Glass Onion, but in a simplified version, in this invitation they could find a note like the one in the movie that said “My dear friends, my beautiful disruptors, my inner circle more near”.

What else did the invitation include?

In the actual invitation in the movie, it was necessary to complete several steps, where at the beginning they had to complete a puzzle in order to uncover the box and find what was hidden in the box. There then you could find a riddle with a pin to open a hidden drawer in the same invitation, where a possession of the murdered person was found.

That belonging had to be brought by the guests, to an exact place and time where the dinner would take place. Dinner guests received a few items such as pocket squares, pearl necklace, earrings and cufflinks.

The Arrival

The experience for the guests was quite unique, as everyone was getting into character and it was not clear if someone was acting or not. Upon arriving at dinner, there were some men in suits and a woman who led the guests to a funeral guest book to leave a message for the tragic loss of Javier, the person who was murdered. In the room where the funeral book was, there was a woman talking on the phone, and that conversation was staged, but it added emotion upon arrival at the place.

Then in the place, everyone could interact, however, there was a woman who claimed to be Javier’s accountant, and who was very sorry for the loss of this “friend” shared by all the guests. And while talking with her and other characters and guests, they all interacted and mentioned the whereabouts of each other after Javier’s death, which filled the event with emotion since everyone could act.

The Interrogation

As everyone settled into different tables, guests began to arrive who were intimate with Javier, such as his brother, a cunning magician, a dinner manager, a deceitful ex, and an embittered assistant. In this way each guest was learning more clues.

Everyone had a business card, where you could find Javier’s brother’s phone number and where you could listen to a rather suspicious voice message. There was also Javier’s girlfriend, who found her body, and at one point in the night Monáe entered, in her role as Javier’s friend.

The Dinner

“I just want to say thank you all so much for showing up for my dear best friend Javie. If you knew Javie, you knew that we were inseparable,” was what Monáe mentioned when everyone was at dinner. After this, each guest began to say how they knew Javier, some entering a role and others talking about his real professions.

With each sentence of each of the guests, it was possible to deduce who was an actor and who was not, in addition to arousing more suspicions about Javier’s murder. Likewise, Monáe revealed the deceased’s knowledge of his own murder, and after this each of the actors took turns interacting with everyone, raising even more suspicion.

The Reveal

While the dinner was taking place, all the guests could find different clues, such as ripped pages with poetry by Alfred Lord Tennyson; handwritten notes hidden in the restaurant’s bathroom; photos of the fire at the crime scene; a flight itinerary for his accountant; details of Javier’s autopsy; and even late-night text messages exchanged between Javier’s girlfriend and brother.

One of the clues that was the most important was the drawing of a mini portrait made by Javier’s assistant. Evidence of Javier’s life also began to be seen by the life coach-magician, when he performed a trick with fire. After this, each one was told to open an envelope, there were envelopes with a heart and others with a skull, and those who had the envelope with the skull would be the last suspects.

At the end of it all, Javier’s accountant was seen trying to leave very calmly with two suitcases, revealing that she was the murderer and being arrested right at that moment, as well as the suitcases full of counterfeit money exploding on the spot. (If you are interested to check some of the new titles on Netflix, you can check more by clicking here).


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