February Netflix releases

February Netflix releases

By Valentina Tuta

Okay, February is around the corner and it’s time to announce which are the latest releases that Netflix has prepared for us. Keep in mind that here you’ll find just some titles, specifically the most recent series seasons or new Netflix releases. Let’s see how it goes!

These are the main releases for February, 2023

Feb. 1

“Gunther’s Millions” (Limited Series)

Are you ready to know Gunther, the millionaire dog? Yes, as you read, this is a documentary about a dog with a trust fund. Basically, we’ll know the story of the sole heir to the fortune of a German pharmaceutical doctor who lost his son after an arduous battle with depression.

But don’t worry: The labyrinthian tale of Gunther’s Millions will all make sense eventually, and the ending is just as shocking as every twist and turn that gets you there.

Feb. 2

“Make My Day” (Season 1)

This is a Japanese anime series where humans and a mysterious lifeform are battling it out on an ice planet. If you want to read the official plot, here you are: “The snowy, ice-covered planet Coldfoot is home to a precious energy-rich ore called “Sig.” On the surface, the planet seems to be a crime-free utopia, but in reality prisoners are used for back-breaking Sig mining. Jim, a young prison guard, rushes to the site of a sudden mining accident to find a mysterious creature attacking the humans.”

Feb. 3

“True Spirit”

True Spirit is based on the real-life adventure of Jessica Watson, who at the age of 16 risks everything, including her life, to fulfill her ambition of sailing nonstop across the world on her own. It’s a film of love, hope, and survival. Jessica Watson traveled some of the world’s most isolated waters, surviving seven knockdowns and 210 days at sea alone.

Feb. 9

“You” (Season 4, Episodes 1-5)

Ready for Joe’s return? This season will be full of excitement and drama. If you want to see all the details, check out our full article here.

“My Dad the Bounty Hunter” (Season 1)

But well, not all the February content is for an adult audience. This time, we’ll have an animated kids series about an intergalactic bounty hunter who now also juggles fatherly duties.

Feb. 15

“African Queens: Njinga” (Season 1)

This documentary series will discuss the life and legacy of Njinga, the complex, captivating and fearless 17th century warrior queen of Ndongo and Matamba, the territory known today as Angola.

“The Law According to Lidia Poët”

This is a very interesting series that reconstructs the true story of the Italian woman who in late 19th century Turin fought a legal battle to be allowed to practice as a lawyer after she was forbidden to do so by a court order.

Feb. 24

We Have a Ghost”

Finally, we have a family feature based on a short story that sees Kevin’s family going viral after finding Ernest, the ghost living in their new home. However, this is not like every horror movie in which the host family is terrified by an evil spirit. In fact, not many movies see the haunted house’s new inhabitants catching the ghost on camera, going viral, and then developing a friendship with their resident specter, but that’s what happens in the new comedy from Netflix.


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