“You” Season 4: Everything you should know

“You” Season 4: Everything you should know

By Valentina Tuta

It has been a while since the third season was confirmed and released and now the fans need to be ready for the next part of this amazing story about the twisted tale of a serial killer with a fixation on the next love of his life… no matter what the cost.

Today we’re going to talk about the next release and we’ll tell you some important details. Let’s get it!

Are you ready?

Release date on Netflix

Well, to begin with, it’s important to take into account that “You” season four will come to us in two parts. Originally, the first half was scheduled for February 10, 2023 (just in time for Valentine’s Day), however, currently, Netflix has brought the premiere date forward to February 9, 2023. Then, we’ll have to wait an exact month to see part two on March 9, 2023 which has also been brought forward, from March 10. So update those dates in your diaries!

The shooting for this season officially started on March 22, 2022 in London and the Netflix team shared a clapperboard from the set with the date on it. It should be noted that the board was dripping in blood, something that inmediately drew the fans attention. Likewise, we know they could well be filming in Paris, seeing as that was where we last saw him at the end of season three.

Cast: Who will be in it?

Naturally, we’ll have Pann Badgey as our twisted protagonist. This time we’ll see how Joe has hidden his identity (as usual) under the name of Jonathan Moore, a lecturer at a university, a role that could give him all sorts of students and teachers to prey upon.

While Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) died in the previous season, we won’t be able to see her all the time, although it’s a fact that she’ll be back as one of the ghosts of Joe’s girlfriends to haunt him from time to time, if only in his head.

On the other hand, Tati Gabrielle will be back as Marienne Bellamy, the Joe’s former librarian boss and obsession from Season 3. After falling for him working at the library together, she fled to Paris on the instruction of Love, who warned her about his potentially dangerous ways. So he’s gone to get her and her daughter back.

Apart from the original cast, Netflix confirmed that in this season, it will also herald in a new addition in Euphoria’s Lukas Gage, his character will become a series regular (and regular thorn in Joe’s side) as his new nemesis. So he better watch his back.

Plot: What’s going to happen?

Beyond Joe’s new life as a college professor, what we know is very limited. First of all, when the third season finished, we saw our protagonist in Paris after murdering Love. Besides, we know that he decided to hand over his son Henry to their neighbour Dante and his husband, knowing this was the best for him and despite it has not been confirmed, Sera Gamble mentioned that perhaps Joe’s abandonment of Henry could influence the upcoming season.

In the meantime, we know that Joe travelled to the French behind Marianne, whom he will have to look for even if he is supposed to be dead after being killed by Love, so it will be a very interesting conversation the couple will have once they meet face to face.


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