Some of February’s Upcoming Releases at Paramount

Some of February’s Upcoming Releases at Paramount

By Valentina Tuta

February is around the corner and Paramount already has a lot of new content to show us. Just keep in mind that this is not the full list, in fact, we’re going to highlight some of the most interesting titles for this month. Without further ado, these are the February’s upcoming releases at Paramount.

Originals, Exclusives and Events

Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 premieres

First of all, we’re going to have the third part of the famous reality show in which we’ll get to know our favorite celebrities living together in a house equipped with cameras and microphones that record their every move 24 hours a day.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 returns with all-new episodes

The fourth season of the American television series Star Trek: Discovery follows the crew of the USS Discovery, more than 900 years after the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, as they help rebuild the United Federation of Planets following a cataclysmic event. And this time, they soon face an unprecedented space anomaly that causes destruction across the galaxy.

Library Shows

Disrupt & Dismantle (Season 1)

This is a political series about Soledad O’Brien, an American broadcast journalist and executive producer who will investigate a city redevelopment plan in Norfolk, VA, that would tear down public housing and displace low-income residents in an effort to “revitalize” the area.

Jackass (Seasons 1 – 2, 4)

The historic comedy TV series that once aired on MTV and created a commotion among the audience by carrying out various risky, dangerous, and painful activities to entertain viewers is here to present us with all its fun-filled and adrenaline-filled seasons.

Library Movies

Step Up

Finally, the movie that moved us all with its drama, dance steps, and impeccable choreography. In this story we will meet Tyler, a young man sentenced to community service at the Maryland School of the Arts who will meet Nora, a dancer who can’t help but notice that Tyler is a diamond in the rough.

Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers is a 1998 American action comedy film directed by Joe Dante. It depicts two factions of toys which turn sentient after being programmed with a military microprocessor, putting them in danger when one faction ultimately turns lethal.

Released on July 10, 1998, in the United States, the film received mixed reviews, but grossed $87.5 million on a $40 million budget. Small Soldiers marks the last on-screen film role of Phil Hartman, who was murdered two months before the film’s American premiere, and is dedicated in his memory. It was also the final film role of Clint Walker.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

This is the extraordinary story of Benjamin Button, a man who was born an old man in the city of New Orleans in 1918 and who surprisingly grows younger as time goes by. It is a story where love and death will be essential parts of his life.


International Women’s Soccer – Arnold Clark Cup

The second edition of the women’s international football tournament will kick off in February 2023 and will once again feature three double-header matchdays as part of a round-robin format.

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 matches

UEFA Champions League 2022/2023 Round of 16 draw schedule confirmed. So you can find out who is facing who in the UEFA Champions League here.


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